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Easter is the perfect time to head out for a two-wheeled family spin. Spring is finally starting to make itself known and the evenings are long enough to mean you’re not racing home. Wherever you live in the UK, there are plenty of beautiful places waiting to be discovered right on your doorstep and the whole family will benefit hugely from the fresh air and being in and amongst nature. 

There’s so much out there to entertain the kids whilst you’re on your bikes, and we’ve pulled together some of our favourite family ride activities to get involved with this Easter. If your little ones are ready for a new ride then why not find their next bike with our interactive bike finder. 


Look out for trees and flowers and try to identify them. The RHS have a great Spring Flower Spotter sheet that is a brilliant resource to get you started. You could also try and spot all the classic Easter animals; can you find a lamb, a rabbit and a chick? You could also listen out for bird song and then try to identify the bird – the Chirp App is another superb resource for this. 

Some of the best finds are out in the woods where a hybrid bike will keep little riders safe and comfortable.

kids in forest with bikes



This is a classic which never gets old. Write up a list of things to spot on the bike ride and ask children to tick off the things they have seen when you next stop for a rest or snack. You can add nature items such as blossom, daffodils, animal tracks or a bumblebee.

Another version is to ask children to spot items of as many different colours as possible while on the bike ride. Or if you're really organised you could create a mega Easter Egg Hunt!

We’ve even put our own scavenger hunt together here for you to try. If you give it a go make sure to tag us on social media with a picture of your finished lists. You can also view our scavenger hunt blog post.  

3. I SPY 🧐🔠🐴

This is another classic with endless possibilities for all ages. If your children are too young to use ‘something begins with (a letter)’, you can use colours e.g. ‘I spy with my little eye something that is the colour green’. Another super simple idea to keep little ones entertained is giving them a task during the bike ride, for example seeing how many dogs/trees with flowers/horses they can spot along the way. 


This one is great to burn off some extra energy! Set your children challenges along the way e.g. race to a tree or first one to cycle up the hill. Sneaking in more exercise into their day out will guarantee your growing explorers get a good night’s sleep. 

kids on bikes high diving


Finally, don’t forget the snacks and drinks! A plentiful supply can help to keep energy levels up and persuade/bribe even the most reluctant cyclist to keep going. You could even stop for a lovely scenic picnic en-route to take in your surroundings.  


If the weather is warm enough then a great extra activity to get the kids involved in at the end of your ride is giving the bikes a wash down. Some warm water and an old sponge are all you need. Plus there’s nothing better than a quick water fight at the end of a warm ride to cool down!

Before heading out, check that nobody has been through a growth spurt since your last ride. There’s nothing worse than planning to head out on the bikes and find that one of the kids is now riding with their knees around their ears. The great thing about being a member of Bike Club is it’s quick and easy to exchange for the next size up. Find out how Bike Club works today.