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How It Works

1. Select your bike

Use our interactive bike finder to help find the perfect bike for your child. If it's not the right size when it's delivered, no worries — we'll get you one that is.

2. Set up payment

New members will need to create an account. We will ask you to submit your details and set up a monthly direct debit. We use your details to run a soft credit check which will have no impact on your credit score or future credit applications. We will always notify you before any payments are taken. You can cancel whenever you like through your account but there is a one-off payment to cover the costs of the return as detailed below.

Scooters: £9.99
Balance Bikes: £19.99
Bikes: £29.99


3. Receive your bike

Congratulations! You're now part of Bike Club. We'll deliver your first bike on a day convenient for you. Our delivery charges vary based on the delivery date you choose at checkout. Delivery on any weekday is £9.99, whilst a Saturday delivery costs £14.99. We do not offer delivery on Sundays.

4. Get Riding

Your child can then ride and enjoy their new bike. We only stock lightweight premium quality brands so you know they'll have the best experience. We expect our bikes to be ridden and loved so normal wear and tear is covered.


5. When they grow out of it...

You can exchange any time throughout your membership. Exchanges are free after 12 months for balance bikes and after 18 months for all sizes up. Prior to these periods there is a fee of £14.99 plus the delivery fee of the new bike. The standard delivery fee is £9.99 for a weekday and £14.99 for a Saturday.

6. …we exchange for a bigger one!

You can exchange for a bigger bike for free after 18 months (12 months for balance bikes). We'll collect the old bike at the same time as delivering the new one. You can exchange any time prior to this for a one off fee of £19.99 to cover the cost of collection of the old bike and delivery of the new bike.


7. Reduce waste

Exchanged bikes are refurbished by our team of expert mechanics to become a reBike. They can then be ridden and loved by a new family at a reduced monthly fee. This reduces waste and cuts down on co2, in fact each Bike Club bike saves 336kg of co2 vs an owned bike. Using Bike Club means that parents will never have to buy a kids bike again.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We can assure you there are no hidden costs. You can find a list of all possible costs that you might be charged for at different points of your membership on our charges help page.

  • First, report this to the police and obtain a Crime Reference Number.

    You can then continue to pay for your bike until the excess amount has been paid.

    If you wish, we can then provide you with a replacement bike.

  • We offer insurance through our Bike Club Plus option for an additional £1 per month.

    With Bike Club Plus you will only need to pay the total loss amount for your bike as set out in the policy.  

    If you are not signed up to Bike Club Plus, you will need to pay the current value of the bike. This will never be more than RRP.

  • Visit our exchange page to find out how.

  • Here at Bike Club, we scour the world looking for the very best bikes for our members. Ever wondered what makes them so special? Read this blog article to learn about the six main brands we offer.