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 Is your child a beginner on a balance bike? ⚖️ Or a confident little cyclist dashing through muddy trails? 🍂 Whatever stage they're at, there are certain kids cycling accessories that will keep them safe & happy whilst on their adventures.

Road Safety Week 2020 reminded us just how important safety equipment is. The more you read about it, the more it can seem tricky to know where to begin when choosing the best bike accessories... that's where we come in!

Here's a list of the best children cycling accessories, so your little one can stay out of danger whilst out on the road, in the garden, or wherever they are pedalling around! (These also make for great stocking fillers... 🎁 !)

1: Cycling Helmets ⛑

Kids bike helmets

It goes without saying that the number one cycling accessory to get with any bikes = a helmet!

These ensure your child remains safe whilst out on their adventures & we believe that they make for great presents!

At Bike Club, we stock a variety of kids bike helmets that can be found here. 

To make sure your child's head is properly protected, we recommend reading our  kids helmet sizing and fit guide.

2: Kids Cycling Clothing 👕

Childs Cycling Clothing

Why not make your child feel like a proper cyclist!? 

Proviz offers great-quality cycling jackets, as well as other clothing, which are incredibly reflective (so your child can be seen from 360 degrees).

Little Rider is worth checking out too, as they offer cool cycling clothing for children, from kids bike jerseys to shorts.

Have a peek at our Bike Club Tees! Created for the whole family, they come in an array of sizes, so you can get them for both you & your children 👨‍👧

3: Water Bottles🚰

Kids Water Bottles

It's obvious that it's key for children to stay hydrated whilst they are out & about, but there are so many options of water bottles - which do you choose? And what’s even the difference between them – they all just hold water, right?

We created a guide to choosing the best kids water bottle.

Our favourites are the CamelBak kids water bottles. CamelBak has a range of high-quality water bottles on their website suitable for children of all ages.

We also have a Bike Club neon pink water bottle, which we recommend taking on your adventures!

4: Bike Locks 🔐

Kids Bike Locks

Does your child even leave their bike at school? 🏫 Or do you ever sometimes leave your kids bike outside while quickly popping into a café? ☕️

To avoid any unattended bikes being stolen, locks are a no-brainer. 

Bike locks can be found at a variety of retailers, just be sure to pick one out that is reliable. ⭐️

5: Kids Cycling Gloves & Pads 🧤

Kids gloves and pads

Providing both warmth & safety, gloves & pads are especially useful if you're planning on taking your child cycling along roads.

Cycling gloves are a must in winter, your child will thank you for helping to keep their little fingers warm! 🥶

Knee and elbow pads will help your child, especially if they are in the early stages of learning how to use a balance bike. Whilst they're getting to grips with their balance, they’re bound to fall off every now and then, so these are essential! 

 6: Bike Styling Accessories 🌈

Kids bike styling accessories

Now we've covered safety, are you ready for some jazzy accessory ideas? As we're sure you know, most kids don’t just want a plain colour bike! They'd love tassel ribbons on the handlebars, fun stickers & a bell they can ring!

Cycling is meant to be fun & the best way to bring a smile to your child’s face and make them want get on their bike is to customise it. 🚴‍♂️

All our bikes come with Bike Club stickers & we're always on the look out for bright colours to add to our fleet of bikes! If you have any favourites, please let us know! 🎨

We have some cool spoke lights, which add a splash of fun!

These children's cycling accessories make for great kids gift ideas for any bike-crazy child 😁

We also have a wide variety of bike maintenance gear from spanners, to allen keys, and puncture repair kits. These can also be great add-ons to make the arrival of a new bike complete.