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Every child's cycling journey involves learning to pedal with their first pedal bike. We are the premier subscription-based supplier of children's bicycles, featuring high-end brands like Frog, Squish, and Woom.  

In this guide, we explore the best first pedal bikes for kids three to six-year-olds. We've meticulously reviewed each model, considering design, safety features, comfort, and ease of use. Whether your little one is just starting or ready to upgrade, our blog will help you make an informed decision.   

What is a First Pedal Bike?   

People sometimes refer to first pedal bikes as "learner" or "beginner" bikes. Specifically designed for young riders aged 3 to 6 years, these bikes are carefully crafted. They come with smaller wheels and a child-specific geometry.    

After children become accustomed to riding a balance bike, we recommend they start riding a first pedal bike. 

Unlike balance bikes, they come with pedals. However, they do not have gears like larger pedal bikes, meaning they are still simple to handle for young riders.    

The primary goal of a first bike with pedals is to help children develop essential balance, coordination, and motor skills.  

They aim to provide a smooth transition from balance bikes to fully-pedalled bicycles. These bikes offer a gradual progression, allowing kids to build confidence at their own pace.   

If you are unsure if they are ready, check out our blog on signs they are ready to start pedalling. 

child riding a frog first pedal bike - bike club

How to Ride a First Pedal Bike   

Helping children learn to ride their first pedal bike is an exciting and rewarding experience for both parents and young riders. Here are some essential tips to make the transition to pedal bike smooth and enjoyable:   

  • Start on Flat Ground: Begin the learning process on a flat and open surface, preferably free from obstacles. Parks, empty car parks, or quiet streets are excellent choices.  
  • Offer Steady Support: Hold your child’s waist as they pedal. This provides a sense of security and stability, helping them focus on pedalling. Gradually let go as they build momentum.   
  • Encourage Looking Forward: Encourage your child to look straight ahead instead of down at their feet. This simple tip improves their balance and prevents potential accidents.   
  • Teach Braking: Teach them how to use the brakes, ensuring they understand the process of slowing down and stopping safely.  
  • Keep Them Motivated: Offer words of encouragement and celebrate small victories to boost their confidence. Positive reinforcement plays a vital role in their learning journey. 
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Regular practice is essential to improve their riding skills. Be patient throughout the learning process, they will get it eventually!   

How to Measure for a Pedal Bike  

When it comes to choosing the right size pedal bike for your child, using inside leg measurement is a reliable method. Follow these steps to measure your child's inside leg:   

  • Stand Straight: Have your child stand barefoot against a wall with their feet flat on the ground and their back straight.  
  • Measure the Inside Leg: Place a book between their legs as far up as possible. Then measure from the top of the book to the floor.   
  • Selecting the Right Size: Input this measurement into our interactive bike finder, or on our first pedal bike collection page.   

Choosing the right-sized bike ensures that your child is ready to ride comfortably, with proper control and balance. 

A bike that suits their inside leg measurement not only enhances their riding experience but also contributes to their cycling safety 

Types of Pedal Bikes Available For Your Child  

Discover a range of lightweight first-pedal bikes for children at Bike Club. We stock top-quality brands like Woom, Frog, and Squish, designed for an enjoyable and safe learning experience.  

Find the perfect bike that suits your child's age, size, and skill level, setting them up for joyful cycling adventures.   

Whether you need a first pedal bike for a 4 year old or for a 6 year old, we can cater to you. 


Woom is a renowned Austrian kids' bike brand committed to creating exceptional and age-appropriate bicycles that inspire young riders.  

Woom 2  

  • Inside leg measurement: 36 – 45cm    

  • Generally suitable for children 3 to 4.5 years old    

  • 14” Wheels    

  • Weighs 5kg    

The Woom 2 is a lightweight, high-quality first pedal bike for 3 year olds and older. It is easy to control and manoeuvre thanks to its low weight and wide wheelbase. The Woom 2 weighs just 5.0 kg (11.0 lbs), which makes it easy for kids to control.  

The Woom 2 also has a comfortable upright riding position, which is good for kids' backs and necks. Overall, the Woom 2 is a great choice for a first pedal bike for your child.  

child holding a Woom 2 - bike club

Woom 3  

  • Inside leg measurement: 42 – 52cm    
  • Generally for children 4 to 6 years old    
  • 16” Wheels    
  • Weighs 5.4kg    

The Woom 3 is another excellent first pedal bike designed specifically for children aged around 4 to 6 years. This lightweight and well-engineered bike boasts a range of features that make learning to ride an absolute delight.   

With its child-friendly geometry and responsive brakes, the Woom 3 provides a smooth transition from balance bikes. The Woom 3 would make a perfect first pedal bike for a 5-year-old. 


Frog, a sought-after kids' bike brand in the UK, was born from the demand for high-quality bicycles for children.   

Their first pedal range includes popular models like Frog 40, Frog 43, and Frog 44. 

Frog 40  

  • Inner leg measurement: 37cm - 43 cm  
  • Generally for children 3 - 4 years old  
  • 14” Wheels  
  • Weighs 6.3kg  

The Frog 40 is the first pedal bike tailored for children aged approximately 3 to 4 years old. This well-crafted bike combines strong components with a lightweight frame, making it easy for young riders to handle.    

The Frog 40 features a single-speed drivetrain and easy-reach brake levers. It provides a simple and intuitive experience for kids transitioning from balance bikes.    

child with a frog first pedal bike - bike club

Frog 44    

  • Inner leg measurement: 43cm - 51cm  
  • Generally for children 4 - 5 years old  
  • 16” Wheels  
  • Weighs 6.39kg  

Moving up in wheel size you come to the Frog 44. It’s another great bike that comes in a range of attractive colours.    

With its lightweight frame and easily accessible brakes, children can steer and stop effortlessly. Ergonomically designed with soft grips and a steering limiter, this bike provides all the essentials for a top-notch experience.   


Forme bikes are a well-known brand amongst cycling enthusiasts in the UK. Their bikes are specially made for British terrain and weather.   

Forme Cubley 14  

  • Inner leg measurement: 39 – 48cm  
  • Generally for children 3 – 4 years old  
  • 14” Wheels  
  • Weighs 6.12kg   

The Forme Cubley 14 is an excellent choice for introducing young riders to the world of cycling. Designed with precision and care, this first pedal bike is perfect for children aged around 3 to 5 years old.  

With its lightweight frame, kids can easily handle and navigate the bike, gaining confidence in their riding abilities. The Forme Cubley 14 features easy-to-reach brakes, ensuring a safe and controlled ride for young cyclists.   

Forme Cubley 16   

  • Inner leg measurement: 45 – 54cm  
  • Generally for children 4 – 5 years old  
  • 16” Wheels  
  • Weighs 6.64kg    

The Cubley 16 is the next size up, also featuring easy manoeuvrability and scaled-down components.    

Its comfortable junior saddle and low step-over frame are thoughtfully designed with the child in mind. With a variety of fun colours to choose from, the Cubley 16 offers the complete package for young learners. 

Forme Cubley 18  

  • Inner leg measurement: 49 - 59cm  
  • Generally for children 4 – 6 years old  
  • 18” Wheels  
  • Weighs 7.5kg   

Finally, you have the Cubley 18. Its sturdy yet lightweight frame ensures easy manoeuvrability, allowing kids to confidently explore their surroundings.    

Equipped with 18-inch wheels and reliable brakes, the Forme Cubley 18 offers a smooth and safe ride. The bike's comfortable saddle and ergonomic grips further enhance the overall riding comfort for children.   

kids on forme cables - bike club

Questions Parents Ask About Kids First Pedal Bikes  

Should I choose a balance bike or a pedal bike for my child's first bike?   

The choice between a balance bike and a pedal bike for your child's first bike depends on their age and size. For younger children, typically around 2 to 4 years old, a balance bike is probably the best option. It helps them develop balance and coordination without the distraction of pedals. 

For children aged 3 to 6 who can pedal, a first pedal bike is the best choice. Ultimately, consider your child's age and skill level to make the best decision for their first bike experience.  

Are stabilisers necessary for my child's first pedal bike?   

Stabilisers, or training wheels, are unnecessary for a toddler's first pedal bike, especially if they have started on a balance bike. The skills learned on a balance bike often enable a smoother transition to pedalling without the need for stabilisers.    

If your child has not used a balance bike before, we recommend removing the pedals from the first pedal bike temporarily.  

This lets them practice as if it were a balance bike until they are ready to pedal. We don't recommend using stabilisers as they can instil bad habits and hinder the development of balance needed for cycling. 

What are the benefits of learning to ride a pedal bike at a young age?  

Learning to ride a pedal bike at a young age offers various benefits, including improved motor skills, balance, and confidence. 

It promotes an active lifestyle, instils perseverance, and enhances social skills through group play and interaction with peers. 

Overall, early cycling fosters physical, mental, and social development in children.

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How can I ensure that my child stays safe while riding a pedal bike?  

To ensure your child's safety while riding a pedal bike, follow these essential steps:    

  • Always provide them with a properly fitting helmet.  
  • Teach and enforce road safety rules.  
  • Supervise them in safe riding areas.  
  • Check the bike regularly for maintenance.  
  • Encourage wearing bright clothing for visibility.  
  • Start with low-traffic areas until they gain confidence.  
  • Be a role model by practising safe cycling habits together.  

When was the first pedal bike invented?  

French blacksmith Pierre Michaux made the first pedal bike, known as the "velocipede" or "boneshaker," in 1863. 

This early version of the bicycle featured pedals attached to the front wheel. It marked a significant advancement in transportation history, leading to the development of modern bicycles as we know them today.