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Introducing children to the world of road biking is a rewarding and exciting experience. Whether for weekend trips on the road or for competitive circuit racing, riding a quality road bike is a real thrill.  

Road bikes for kids are designed to provide a safe and speedy cycling journey on roads and smooth terrain. In this guide, we will explore everything you need to know about children's road bikes. This includes their features, safety aspects, and the different types available at Bike Club.   

What is a Children's Road Bike?   

These junior road bikes are tailored for kids who have outgrown their beginner bikes and are ready for advanced cycling. Unlike mountain bikes or BMX bikes, road bikes are optimised for riding on smooth, paved surfaces such as roads.  

They have these common features:    

  • Lightweight Construction: Children's road bikes are built with lightweight materials to ensure easy handling and manoeuvrability.  
  • Drop Handlebars: These handlebars offer multiple hand positions, allowing young riders to maintain a comfortable posture during longer rides. 
  • Thin Tyres: Road bikes come equipped with narrow, high-pressure tyres that offer low rolling resistance.   
  • Gearing: Children's road bikes have a range of gears that help young cyclists maintain a consistent pedalling cadence. 
  • Caliper Brakes: Most children's road bikes are equipped with caliper brakes, located on the wheel rims.  

kids road bike

Frame Size & Geometry  

Road bike frames optimize their geometry for aerodynamics. They enhance the rider's pedalling efficiency, allowing them to cover long distances with minimal effort.    

Compared to other bike frames, road bike frames have a more aggressive riding position. With a lower handlebar height and a longer reach, they enable the rider to reduce wind resistance and maximise power transfer. 

One of the most crucial aspects of choosing the right road bike for your child is the frame size. Proper fit ensures that your child can maintain control, balance, and stability while riding a bike.   

A well-fitted bike will also enhance their confidence and enjoyment. We offer road bikes with adjustable seat heights and handlebars to accommodate your child's growth spurts. You can use our interactive bike finder to find the perfect-sized bike for your children.   

Lightweight Construction    

Lightweight construction is essential for children's bikes to facilitate easy manoeuvrability. Bikes made from aluminium or carbon fibre are popular choices as they offer a balance between durability and weight.  

A lightweight bike ensures that your child won't get tired quickly and can ride for longer distances comfortably.  

Frog road bikes boast lightweight constructions achieved through the use of high-quality materials and precision engineering.  

Wheel Size   

Road bikes for kids come with various wheel sizes to suit different age groups. Our range of kid's road bikes includes 20”, 24”, and 26” wheel bikes. The appropriate wheel size allows for full comfort.  


Quality components contribute significantly to the performance and durability of a children's road bike. We aim to stock bikes with reliable gears, brakes, and other components.  


Gears play a crucial role in a road bike's versatility, especially if your child is exploring hilly terrains. Road bikes for kids typically have a limited number of gears to keep things simple for young riders.    

The Frog Road 58 and 67 feature 9-speed gears, whereas the Frog Road 70 has 10-speed gears.   


Efficient braking is essential to ensure your child's safety on the road. Most children's road bikes feature traditional hand-operated calliper brakes, offering reliable stopping power. Some models may have advanced braking systems like disc brakes, which provide even better performance in various weather conditions.  

Safety Features   

Safety is of utmost importance when it comes to kids' road biking. The road bikes we stock feature reliable brakes with short-reach brake levers. Additionally, make sure your child wears a well-fitted helmet at all times while cycling.  

child on frog 58

Sizing & Fit   

Choosing the right size and fit is critical for your child's comfort and safety. At Bike Club we recommend choosing a bike based on inside leg measurement. 

An 8-year-old's bike might be the same size as an 11-year-old's bike, depending on their leg length. For more information, you can refer to our kid's bike size guide.   

Our road bikes come with the following recommended inside leg ranges:    

Frog Road 58 - 52cm – 59cm  

Frog Road 67 - 62cm – 70cm  

Frog Road 70 - 67cm – 79cm   

Parental Supervision & Guidance  

You should supervise your child when they learn to ride a road bike for kids, even though the bike is built for safety. 

Start with shorter rides and gradually increase the distance as your child becomes more confident in handling the bike.  

Types of Road Bikes Available for Your Child  

At Bike Club we stock fantastic frog kids road bikes for boys and girls. Whether you need a bike for a 7 year old, bike for a 10 year old, or a bike for a 12 year old or older, we have you covered. All these bikes are great for kids road racing.

Frog Road 58  

The Frog Road 58 is a great choice for children who need a comfortable and easy-to-ride kid's bike.    

It has a lightweight aluminium frame, which makes it easy to manoeuvre, and its 20" tyres provide good traction on road and track. 

The Frog Road 58 also is comfy to ride, thanks to the padded saddle and the ergonomic frame. It comes in a range of attractive colours including Tour de France yellow.   

frog 58 road  - bike club

Frog Road 67  

The Frog Road 67 is a good option for kids who want a bigger and better road bike.  

It has the same features as the Frog Road 58, but it is slightly larger and has a longer wheelbase. It has 24” wheels, 9-speed gears, and various appealing colours. This would make a great bike for a 9 year old. 

Frog Road 70   

The Frog Road 70 is the largest bike in the range. It's like the Frog Road 58 and 67 but with a longer wheelbase and a bigger frame. It also has 26” wheels and 10-speed gears.    

Your child can maintain high speeds with ease thanks to the narrow short-drop handlebars and lightweight frame. The sleek ergonomic design and age-specific components also contribute to a comfortable ride.  

frog 70 - bike club

Questions We Get Asked About Kid's Road Bikes  

Are kid's road bikes easy to maintain and repair?   

Yes, kid's road bikes are generally easy to maintain and repair. Most kid's road bikes don't have a front mech, which makes them simpler to troubleshoot. 

Additionally, the components on kid's bikes are typically smaller and lighter, which makes them easier to handle.  

Some of the most common maintenance tasks for kid's road bikes include:  

  • Checking the tyre pressure: Kids' tires should be inflated to the correct pressure to ensure a comfortable and safe ride.  
  • Lubricating the chain: A well-lubricated chain will last longer and operate more smoothly.  
  • Adjusting the brakes: Brakes should be adjusted regularly to ensure that they are working properly.  
  • Inspecting the wheels: Wheels should be inspected for wear and tear, and spokes should be checked for tightness.  

What age is suitable for a child to start riding a road bike?  

The age at which a child is suitable to start riding a road bike depends on a number of factors. Typically children between the ages of 7 and 10 are ready to start riding road bikes. 

It is important to start with a bike that fits the child and take them to a safe place to practice. With patience and encouragement, children can learn to ride road bikes in no time.  

Are kid's road bikes safe for riding on busy streets?  

Kid's road bikes can be safe for riding on busy streets, but it is important to take some precautions. Here are some tips:   

  • Choose a safe route: Avoid busy streets with heavy traffic. Look for routes with bike lanes or shoulders.  
  • Be aware of your surroundings: Be constantly aware of traffic and other hazards.  
  • Wear a helmet: This is the most important safety precaution.  
  • Use hand signals: Let other drivers know your intentions.  
  • Be predictable: Ride in a straight line and avoid weaving in and out of traffic.  
  • Obey the rules of the road: Stop at red lights and stop signs.  

Can I adjust the handlebars and saddle height on a kid's road bike?  

You can adjust the saddle height on a kid's road bike to fit the child as they grow. This is important for comfort and safety. 

The Frog Road bikes have adjustable saddles for height, reach, and fore/aft position. Unfortunately handlebar height cannot be adjusted on Frog Road bikes. 

To adjust the saddle height, first, loosen the bolt that holds it to the seat post. Then, you can move the seat post either up or down.   

Can my child participate in road races or cycling events with a kid's road bike?  

Yes, your child can participate in road races or cycling events with a kid's road bike. However, it is important to check the rules of the race to ensure that kids' road bikes are allowed. Some races may have a minimum age requirement or require that the bike meet certain specifications. 

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