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Woom has become an incredibly popular kids bike brand in recent times, and at Bike Club we understand why. To put it simply, Woom kids bikes are incredibly well designed, are a joy to ride, and also look great.

In this guide to 6 types of Woom bikes for your kids we will give you an overview of their range of bikes, from their smallest to their largest, and what makes them stand out from the crowd. 

Who are Woom?

Woom is an Austrian bike business founded in 2013 offering premium bikes for kids. It was started by two keen cyclists looking to make bikes tailored to children's proportions, and has grown into an international business selling in over 30 countries. 

Today it is amongst the most popular kids bike manufacturers in Europe with a reputation for quality and fun bikes. In Germany and Austria it is a market leader. 

Sustainability at Woom

Sustainability is central to Woom, which is why they make bikes that are built to endure everything little ones can throw at them. They want their bikes to be used by multiple children to reduce waste. 

Another focus is on inspiring them to keep cycling when they grow up, reducing their carbon footprint by using their bike for transport. Woom itself is also looking to reduce it’s emission by at least 42% by 2030. 

Finally, Woom seeks to build relationships with other sustainability driven companies within the cycling world. This is why we are proud to supply Woom bikes on a subscription basis as part of the green economy. 

Woom Bike Design

Woom’s bike design is focused on making ultralight premium kids bikes. For young children, lightweight bikes make the learning process significantly easier. In addition to this Woom bikes are also made to be robust and durable, with the goal of being used by more than one child. 

To make a Woom bike as comfortable as possible, 90% of the bike parts have been developed specially for children, based on the proportions of kids’ bodies. The ergonomic and easy-to-ride design also makes them easy to handle and safe to ride. All things considered Woom bikes are amongst the best lightweight bikes for kids.

Woom Balance Bikes

A balance bike is a bike without pedals for introducing toddlers and young children to cycling. With no pedals to worry about, the child propels the bike forward with their feet alone. Woom offers two balance bikes, the Woom 1 and Woom 1 Plus. 

Woom 1 

Woom 1 is designed for young children aged 18 months and up, with a short minimum inside leg measurement of 26cm. It is conveniently lightweight, at just 3kg, meaning it’s easy to handle for your child and easy for you to carry when they inevitably get worn out! 

The geometry of the bike has been designed for toddlers, making it comfortable for them to ride. It also features a rear brake to help them transition to pedal bikes and a steering limiter to help them stay on course. 

woom 1 blue - bike club

Woom 1 Plus

Woom also offers a larger balance bike to cater to children 3 years and older, to help them prepare for pedal bikes. It shares a similar design to the Woom 1 original and also comes with a footrest for kids to put their feet as they glide along. 

First Pedal Woom Bikes

First pedal bikes are exactly what they sound like, and they are the next step up from balance bikes. They introduce your little one to using pedals and will develop their skills to have them cycling with confidence. The ideal first pedal bike will be lightweight and easy to handle, making for an easy transition from balance bikes.  

Woom 2 

The Woom 2 has a 14” wheel size with a minimum inside leg measurement of 40cm, and generally suits riders between 3 and 5 years old. It is incredibly lightweight for its size, being only 5kg, making it a great bike to learn to pedal on. 

For safety it features a rear brake that is easy to pull for small hands, and a steering limiter to help prevent your child from oversteering. Every detail has been considered to make the bike feel intuitive to ride, including adapting the distance between the pedals to ergonomically fit a childs proportions. 

Woom 2 is loved by our members, with one 5 star reviewer saying “after 2 outings on this bike my son was able to ride it on his own. His confidence has sky rocketed and he loves his bike and looks forward to riding it.” Jo B. 

Woom 3

Woom 3 is naturally the next size up, with a minimum inside leg measurement of 42 cm and aimed at 4 to 6 year olds. 

Like Woom 2 it has a super lightweight frame and a low centre of gravity, to make cycling as easy as possible for young children. It has all the same features as the Woom 2, just in a larger size.    

Woom 3 has received all 5 star reviews from our members so far, with one saying “I couldn’t believe the quality of this bike, it's so light and my son loved it, my son's biking ability has improved so much.” Matthew N. 

woom 3 red - bike club

Hybrid Woom Bikes

Woom’s hybrid bike range starts with their Woom Original Bikes, including Woom 4, Woom 5, and Woom 6. Their main hybrid bikes all share the same great design and features. They have a superlight aluminium frame like all Woom bikes which combined with its age-specific geometry makes handling a joy. 

In order for the bikes to grow with the child they have a vario stems that can adjust the bike height and length. All the details of the bike have been considered to make it as natural to ride as possible. To this end the pedals are ergonomically positioned for comfort, the twist gear shifter is easy to operate, and the brake levers can be operated with little strength.  

Their hybrid bikes all come with low resistance tyres with great grip, to help your little one ride along on whatever type of terrain they find. 

Woom 4 

  • Inner leg measurement: 52 - 62cm
  • Generally for children 6 years and older
  • 7 Gears 
  • 20 Inch Wheels

Woom 5

  • Inner leg measurement: 57 - 67cm 
  • Generally for children 7 years and older 
  • 8 Gears
  • 24 Inch Wheels

woom 5 red - bike club

Woom 6

  • Inner leg measurement: 65 - 77cm 
  • Generally for children 10 years and older
  • 8 Gears
  • 26 Inch Wheels

Woom Now - City Bikes

Woom also has a range of functional urban bikes, comprising Woom Now 4, 5, and 6. These bikes differ from standard Woom Original bikes in a variety of ways, with features to make them more convenient for use in built up areas. 

Woom Now bikes have an innovative frame design with a front luggage rack positioned over a smaller front wheel, which keeps the centre of gravity lower for improved control. 

For comfort they feature an extra padded saddle and wide handlebars, and for improved visibility in bustling urban environments, Woom Now bikes also feature a more upright sitting position. Finally, to maintain a smooth ride on bumpy city roads, the bike has wide balloon tyres with puncture protection. 

Woom Now 4 

  • Inner leg measurement: 52 - 62cm 
  • Generally for children 6 years and older
  • 8 Gears
  • 20 Inch Wheels

Woom Now 5

  • Inner leg measurement: 57 - 67cm 
  • Generally for children 7 years and older 
  • 8 Gears
  • 24 Inch Wheels

Woom Now 6

  • Inner leg measurement: 65 - 77cm 
  • Generally for children 10 years and older
  • 8 Gears
  • 26 Inch Wheels

Woom Off - Mountain Bikes

For kids that love off-road cycling Woom offers two ranges of bikes: Woom Off and Woom Off Air. Woom Off bikes have a low weight and stable carbon fork with high torsional strength. 

Woom Off Air bikes on the other hand come with a suspension fork for enhanced comfort on rough ground. 

At the core of every off-road Woom bike is an exceptional lightweight frame built for control and sturdiness off-road. The sporty geometry of the bikes has also been designed for high performance. 

For the toughest of trails, both types of Woom mountain bike have high quality Schwalbe tyres, with maximum grip, shock absorption, and durability. When tackling inclines, the SRAM trigger shift system allows kids to switch smoothly between gears. 

woom off air black - bike club

Woom Off 4 & Woom Off Air 4

  • Inner leg measurement: 52 - 62cm 
  • Generally for children 6 to 8 years old
  • 9 Gears
  • 20 Inch Wheels

Woom Off 5 & Woom Off Air 5

  • Inner leg measurement: 57 - 67cm 
  • Generally for children 7 to 11 years old
  • 9 Gears
  • 24 Inch Wheels

Woom Off 6 & Woom Off Air 6

  • Inner leg measurement: 65 - 77cm 
  • Generally for children 10 to 14 years old
  • 9 Gears
  • 26 Inch Wheels

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Woom bikes made? 

Woom Bikes are manufactured by their partner companies in Poland, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Bangladesh. Around half of their bikes produced in 2021 were made in Poland. 

To reduce the carbon footprint of their supply chains Woom aims to manufacture bikes for Europe in Europe, and serve Asia and the USA with companies in Asia. 

What age is Woom 2 for? 

Woom 2 is generally suitable for 3 to 5 year olds. However a better way to judge whether your child will be comfortable on this bike is to go by inside leg measurement. Woom 2 is best for kids with an inner leg measurement between 40 and 49 cm. 

How lightweight are Woom bikes? 

Woom bikes are amongst the lightest on the market, which makes them a joy for kids to handle. For comparison:

  • Woom 2 - 5.0kg 
  • Islabikes Cnoc 16 - 5.6kg
  • Squish 14 - 5.83kg
  • Forme Cubley 14 - 6.12kg
  • Frog 44 - 6.39kg

Woom Bikes with a Bike Club Subscription

You can get Woom’s exceptional kids bikes with Bike Club at an affordable monthly rate. With our bike subscriptions you can avoid large upfront costs and exchange your bike for a new one when your child grows out of it. 

Like Woom, we are passionate about sustainability which is why we refurbish and reuse our bikes to reduce waste and reduce our carbon footprint. You can sign up to Bike Club today and browse our range of premium kids bikes.