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As parents, we want to provide our children with experiences that promote their growth and development. One of the best ways to do this is by introducing them to the world of cycling.

Riding a bike not only brings sheer joy and excitement to kids, but it also offers numerous physical and mental benefits.

Explore our complete guide to kids' bikes, covering sizes, safety, accessories, and cycling benefits.

parent helping their child to ride a bike

Benefits of Cycling for Kids

Before diving into the details of choosing the right bike for your child, let's highlight the incredible benefits of cycling:  

Physical Fitness

Cycling helps children develop cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, and coordination. Regular biking sessions contribute to healthy growth and reduce the risk of obesity. 

Mental Well-being

Riding a bike gives children a great chance to discover their environment. It also helps them become more independent and increases their self-confidence. It's also a fantastic way to reduce stress and improve mood. 

Social Interaction

Biking with friends or family encourages teamwork, communication, and social skills. It allows children to form lasting friendships and create wonderful memories. 

Spending time outside is a great way for kids, parents, and families to stay healthy and happy. Outdoor activities can boost your physical, mental, and social wellness.

Understanding Kids' Bike Sizes

Before you can consider choosing a bike for your child, you need to measure them for it. Doing so is crucial for your child's comfort, safety, and overall enjoyment. But how do you do that?

  • Get your kid to stand against a wall or flat surface without shoes on.
  • Grab a measuring tape or ruler and measure how tall they are from the ground to the top of their head. Make sure they stand up straight and their feet are flat on the floor.
  • Jot down their height measurement in inches or centimetres.
  • Measure their leg length by having them stand with legs apart and measuring from crotch to floor.
  • Write down the inseam length in inches or centimetres too.
  • Use the child's measurements and our product pages to find the right bike size.

For a quicker process, use our online measurement tool to get your child on their new bike faster.

You'll be able to quickly find the right bike for your child based on their leg length and age.

a dad standing walking next to his daughter as she rides her bike

Types of Kids Bikes

Your child can choose from different bikes that match their age, confidence, and riding skills. From toddler bikes to more robust bikes, there is something for every child.

Below we've included an example of each children's bike so you can understand the types and styles available. 

Balance Bikes (1-4 years old)

Balance bikes are pedal-less bikes that help young children learn to balance and ride. Kids use their feet for balance and movement, making it easier to switch to a bike with pedals later on. It builds confidence and fundamental riding skills. 

The Frog Tadpole Plus is a great first balance bike for a child between 1 to 4 years old. Incredibly lightweight, it's built with the safety of your child in mind.

First Pedal Bikes (3-6 years old)

First pedal bikes are for kids transitioning from balance bikes or learning to ride for the first time. They come with training wheels for stability and help kids develop their pedalling and steering skills.

Looking for a first pedal for your child? Look no further than the range of kid's bikes from Woom; in particular the Woom 3.

It comes with 16 inch wheels and an ultralight frame making it easy for toddlers to control and steer.

Hybrid / Off-Road Bikes (5-14 years old)

Kids hybrid bikes are a combination of road and mountain bikes, designed for versatility and suitable for different terrains. They have lightweight frames, and gears, and may include suspension for a smoother ride. 

The Forme Kinder 24 is just one of the many hybrid kid's bikes you can choose from. With its 24 inch wheels, it is ideal for trails in both the countryside and the road.



Road Bikes (6-14 years old)

Kids road bikes are lightweight bicycles designed for children interested in road cycling. They have narrow tires, multiple gears, and drop handlebars for a speedy and aerodynamic ride.

A robust road bike that should be high on your list for your child is the Frog 58. It has short-drop handlebars and brakes, perfect for kids interested in competitive cycling.

BMX Bikes (7-16 years old)

Kids BMX bikes are strong and light bikes made for children who like BMX riding. They're built for doing tricks, jumping, and having fun on off-road trails.

If your child really wants a BMX bike, we recommend the Nova 20 Freestyle from WeThePeople, especially for 11-year-olds.

We recommend it because its design makes it easy and intuitive for any child who wants to ride a BMX bike.

Mountain Bikes (8-14 years old)

Kid's mountain bikes are designed for off-road riding on rough terrains. They have strong frames, suspension, and knobby tires for better grip. They're perfect for outdoor adventures and exploring nature.

If your child is feeling adventurous, we suggest checking out the Frog MTB 69. It's strong and made for bumpy terrain, but we promise your child will have a blast riding this bike outdoors.

Bike Safety and Accessories

Ensuring your child's safety while riding is of utmost importance. Here are some essential safety tips and accessories to consider:  

  • Helmets: Always insist on a properly fitted bike helmet to protect your child's head in case of falls or accidents. Look for helmets certified by organizations like the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). 
  • Reflectors and Lights: Install reflectors on the bike and consider adding lights for increased visibility, especially during low-light conditions.
  • Protective Gear: Elbow and knee pads, along with sturdy shoes, can minimise the risk of injuries while riding. 
  • Bike Locks: Teach your child the importance of securing their bike with a lock when parking it outside. 
A father helping his son to learn how to ride a bike

The Most Common Questions We Get Asked About Kid's Bikes 

When it comes to kids' bikes, there are several frequently asked questions that parents often have. Here are some common queries along with their answers:   

What age is appropriate for my child to start riding a bike? 

Children can start riding a bike as early as 1-2 years old with the help of balance bikes. However, the ideal age for children to start riding a bike with pedals is typically around 3-4 years old. 

How do I determine the right bike size for my child? 

The most reliable way to determine the right bike size for your child is by considering their height and inseam measurement. Different bike brands provide size charts to match the measurements with the appropriate bike size.   

Should I get a bike with training wheels for my child? 

Training wheels or stabilisers can be useful for younger children who are learning to ride a bike and need extra stability.

It is recommended to gradually remove the training wheels from your child's bike. This will help them gain confidence and develop their balance and coordination skills. 

In saying that, it's also worth being mindful of some of the downsides of using stabilisers on your toddler's bike.

These include:

  • Extra weight
  • Tricky to fit
  • Prevents a child from learning how to properly balance on a bike

Are there any safety precautions I should take for my child's biking? 

Yes, safety is crucial. Ensure your child wears a properly fitted helmet at all times when riding.

Teach children basic road safety rules. Include reflectors, lights, and protective gear in their safety plan. Knee and elbow pads are especially important.  

How do I teach my child to ride a bike? 

Start by finding a safe and open area where your child can practice riding. Begin with balance bikes allowing them to gain confidence and gradually introduce pedalling. Provide support and encouragement throughout the learning process

young girl riding a bike in the outdoors

What are the benefits of cycling for children? 

Cycling offers numerous benefits, including improved physical fitness, cardiovascular health, coordination, and muscular strength. It also promotes mental well-being, independence, confidence, and social interaction. 

Are there specific bike brands known for their quality kids' bikes? 

Yes, there are several reputable bike brands that specialize in kids' bikes, such as Cube, Woom, Frog, and Forme. The good news is that we stock them all for both boys and girls.

These brands are known for their commitment to safety, durability, and age-appropriate designs. 

How do I maintain my child's bike? 

Regular maintenance is important to ensure your child's bike stays in good condition. This includes checking tire pressure, inspecting brakes, lubricating the chain, and tightening any loose bolts. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for specific maintenance guidelines. 

Can I buy a used bike for my child? 

Of course, you can. However, ensure that the bike is in good working condition, with no significant damage or safety concerns. Check for proper sizing, functional brakes, and a well-maintained chain. 

As a kids' bike subscription service, we recommend considering our sustainable and cost-effective option instead of buying a bike.

How do I introduce road safety to my child? 

Motivate your child to wear a bike helmet and other safety equipment, like elbow and knee pads, for added safety.

Explain the importance of being aware of their surroundings and the traffic rules that must always be followed.

Provide them with a light for night rides and ensure that they are visible to other drivers. Make sure to set an example for your child by following all traffic laws and riding safely.

Supervise them initially and gradually allow them to ride in safe, designated areas while emphasising the importance of following traffic rules. 

several kids looking very happy on their bikes


Introducing your child to the joy of cycling is an incredible gift that will benefit them physically, mentally, and socially.

It's important to recognise the advantages of cycling and select the appropriate bike for your child.

When it comes to choosing a kids' bike, consider the age, height, and skill level of your child. We stock great brands that offer a range of sizes and features designed specifically for young riders.