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Deciding what to do when it comes to getting your child on two wheels can be difficult. Should you buy one, or rent a kid's bike through a subscription service like Bike Club?    

 Each option has its own set of advantages and considerations that should be carefully weighed. In this blog, we will delve into the factors that can help you make an informed choice. We want to ensure your child's biking experience is both enjoyable and cost-effective.  

Four Pros of Buying a Kids Bike  

Firstly we will look at some of the reasons for purchasing a kid's bike. This has been the traditional approach to kid's bikes, which we are trying to change at Bike Club. Here are some of the arguments in favour of buying:  

Long-term Investment  

Buying a bike can be a long-term investment in some circumstances. If you have multiple children you can pass the bike down as they grow, or even pass it on to family friends. Purchasing a durable and adjustable bike can then be an effective choice in the long run.  

Greater Customisation  

When you buy a kids' bike, you and your child can have a greater degree of customisation over it. You will be able to give it permanent modifications and replace some components.   

You Don’t Have to Worry About Damage  

When it comes to kids and bikes, accidents do and can happen. Whether it's a toppled bike, a scratched frame, or a bent wheel, the risk of damage is always present.   

However, one advantage of owning a kids' bike is that you don't have to worry about the consequences of accidental damage.   

Sentimental Value  

Owning a bike can create a sense of attachment and sentimental value for both the child and the family. The bike can become a loved possession and a symbol of memorable experiences and adventures.   

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Four Cons of Buying a Kids Bike  

While buying a kids' bike outright is still the most popular approach, there are some drawbacks when compared to renting. Here are some negatives to buying a kid's bike as opposed to using a subscription service.   

Upfront Cost  

One significant drawback of buying a kids' bike is the upfront cost associated with the purchase. Unlike renting, where you pay a smaller fee for a specific duration, buying a bike requires a more substantial initial investment. 

Quality kids' bikes can range in price, depending on the brand, features, and materials used. The price of top-quality bikes can exceed £450.    

Additionally, as children quickly outgrow their bikes due to growth spurts, the investment becomes less cost-effective.  

Outgrowing the Bike  

As children grow at a rapid pace, another drawback of buying a kids' bike is when they inevitably outgrow it. Kids' bikes are designed with specific size ranges to accommodate children of different ages and heights. This does ensure a proper fit during a particular stage. But it also means that the bike will eventually be too small as your child grows. 

 This can be frustrating for both the child and the parent. You will eventually need to acquire a larger bike to accommodate the child's increasing height and leg length. The process of repeatedly upgrading to a bigger size can become a repetitive and costly cycle.  


Another challenge that can arise from buying kids' bikes is storage. As children outgrow their bikes, it's common for families to accumulate a collection of bikes over time.   

With limited space in the home or garage, finding suitable storage for multiple bikes can become a logistical challenge.    

Even more so if proper storage solutions like bike racks or stands are not readily available.   

Less Flexible  

Another negative aspect of owning a kids' bike, as opposed to renting one, is the limited variety and lack of flexibility. Your child is limited to riding one specific bike until you purchase a new one.    

Renting bikes, on the other hand, provides the flexibility to try various models and styles.   

This allows children to explore different types of bikes such as mountain bikes, BMX bikes, or road bikes, opening up opportunities to discover new interests and activities within the realm of cycling.  

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Four Pros of Renting a Kids Bike  

Renting a kids' bike has many benefits. First, it is more cost-effective than buying one. It is also a more environmentally friendly choice, and is easier for storage. Lastly, it gives you the option to switch bikes if needed. 

At Bike Club we offer bikes on subscription as an alternative to buying them outright. Here are some benefits to consider:

Lower Upfront Costs  

One significant advantage of Renting a kids' bike is the lower upfront costs compared to buying. Renting allows you to enjoy the benefits of a quality bike without the need for a substantial initial investment.  

You can get your child a bike to ride every month without paying a lot of money to buy one.  

Sustainable Option  

Hiring a kids' bike on a subscription model is a more sustainable option. The Bike Club circular model allows multiple children to enjoy the same bike over time. We want to promote the efficient use of resources and contribute to a more sustainable approach to cycling.  

It's a choice that helps reduce your family's carbon footprint while still providing your child with a great bike to race around on.   

Easier Storage  

Monthly bike rental eliminates the need for storage concerns. Bikes can take up significant space in the home or garage, especially when multiple bikes are involved.

By renting, you can enjoy the convenience of having no more than a single bike per child.    

Flexibility for Growing Children   

Kids' bike subscription services offer flexibility, especially for children who are still growing. Children go through growth spurts, and their height and leg measurements can change within the blink of an eye. With a service like Bike Club, you have the flexibility to exchange it for a different size as your child grows. 

This ensures that the bike remains a comfortable and suitable fit, allowing your child to ride with ease and confidence. This flexibility eliminates the concern of outgrowing a bike and having to invest in a new one repeatedly.  

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Four Cons of Renting a Kids Bike  

Whilst getting a bike on a subscription basis has some great benefits, it's important to consider the other side of the argument.   

No Customisation  

One slight disadvantage of renting a kids' bike is the lack of customisation options. There will be a limit to the amount of customisation as you will have to return the bike in the state that you received, apart from natural wear and tear.  

Risk of Damage  

When renting a kids' bike, there is a risk of accidental damage. While rental companies typically maintain their bikes in good condition, accidents can happen during use.  

At Bike Club we accept that there will naturally be wear and tear and we do not charge for this. However, if the bike is returned with damage not caused by normal use, we may need to charge a fee. This includes the price of any parts, plus labour.  

 For peace of mind, Bike Club offers insurance at £2 a month per bike. This covers accidental damages while you have the bike, total loss and any reasonable repairs (this includes rust, part replacement and frame damage).  

Parents Might Prefer to Always Buy  

Renting a kids' bike may simply not be the preferred choice for some parents. Owning a bike provides a sense of ownership and control. The preference for ownership and the associated sense of control and convenience can make hiring less appealing to some people.   

Limited Availability of Certain Bikes  

Depending on the service you use and the demand for rental bikes, there can be limitations in the availability of bikes.  

However, at Bike Club, we make sure to always have a wide range of quality bikes. Even if the one you have your eye on is temporarily unavailable, there is sure to be an excellent alternative.   

The Role of Kids Bikes in the Circular Economy  

At Bike Club we believe the future of kids bikes lies in a circular model. This is why we offer kids bikes on a monthly subscription basis. This allows families to pay an affordable rate for a great bike and exchange them when their children grow.    

You can exchange your bike for free every 18 months, and every 12 months for balance bikes. We aim to promote the reuse and recycling of bikes, minimising waste and doing our bit to help the planet.  

You can sign up to Bike Club today and have access to a range of bikes in a variety of sizes and styles, all delivered to your door! We stock exceptional well-known brands such as Frog, Woom, Forme, and more. From toddler bikes to road bikes for teenagers, we have the perfect bike for your little one. You can browse our first bike guide for information on choosing a bike. 

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