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At Bike Club, we're passionate about helping families make informed choices when it comes to kids' bikes. This is why we offer a convenient subscription service that keeps pace with your child's growth.  

In this guide, we'll walk you through the factors to consider when choosing a bike for an 8 year old. We'll equip you with the knowledge you need to ensure your child's biking journey is safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. 

The Right Size & Fit 

When it comes to choosing a bike for an 8-year-old, size is the most important factor.  Generally, a 20-inch or 24-inch wheel size will be the right size bike for an 8 year old.

A bike that's too large or too small can lead to discomfort and safety concerns. To determine the ideal size, consider your child’s inside leg measurement. You can view our bike size guide for more information on this.

A properly sized bike will allow them to comfortably straddle the top tube with both feet flat on the ground.  

Stand-over Height 

Stand-over height is a fundamental consideration when selecting a bike for your 8-year-old. This measurement refers to the clearance between the top tube of the bicycle frame and your child's inseam.  

To ensure safety and comfort, your child should be able to straddle the bike with their feet flat on the ground.  

Saddle Height 

Saddle height plays a crucial role in your child's comfort and control while riding. Adjust it so an 8-year-old can sit with slightly bent knees and feet touching the ground.  

Properly adjusting the seat height ensures that your young rider can comfortably reach the pedals and handlebars.

Handlebar Reach 

Handlebar reach refers to the distance between the saddle and the handlebars of the bike. Your child should be able to comfortably reach the handlebars while maintaining a slightly bent elbow position.  

This allows for a relaxed and controlled grip on the handlebars, promoting better steering and balance. An improper handlebar reach can lead to strained arms and shoulders. 

child riding a Frog Road 67 - Bike Club

A Safety First Approach 

Kids' bikes safety should always be the top priority. As parents ensuring that your 8-year-old is equipped with a safe bike is essential for peace of mind!  


Brakes are a critical safety component on any bicycle, and this holds true for kids' bikes as well. All our bikes at Bike Club are from great brands with reliable brakes. Furthermore, our refurbished bikes have been tested by our team of great mechanics.  

Reflectors and Lights 

Visibility is a key factor in keeping your child safe while riding. We recommend equipping the bike with reflectors on the front, rear, wheels, and pedals. Also if you are riding in the dark then lights are a must! 

Sturdy Frame 

The bike's frame is its backbone, and it must be sturdy and durable to withstand the rigours of riding. 

At Bike Club we stock the strongest kid's bikes on the market. A sturdy frame not only enhances the bike's longevity but also contributes to its stability and safety. All our refurbished bikes are also tested by our expert mechanics to make sure they are in top condition.  

A well-built frame provides the foundation for a safe and enjoyable riding experience for your 8-year-old. 

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Finding the Perfect Bike For Your 8-Year-Old 

Selecting the ideal bike for your 8-year-old can seem like a daunting task. But with the right guidance, it becomes an exciting journey toward providing them with a bike perfectly suited to their needs.   

In this section, we'll explore various types of bikes tailored for young riders. Whether you're considering hybrid bikes or mountain bikes like the Orbea MX 20 DIRT, we'll help you make a smart choice. 

Hybrid Bikes 

Hybrid bikes, such as the Forme Kinder 24, are excellent choices for versatile riding experiences.   

Designed to handle a variety of terrains, these bikes strike a balance between road and mountain bikes. They’re a great all-round choice for both urban commuting and light off-road trails.   

With features like multiple gears and ergonomic riding positions, hybrid bikes offer young riders flexibility and comfort during their escapades. 

child on a forme kinder 24 - bike club

Road Bikes 

If your young cyclist shows an interest in speed, road bikes like the Frog Road 67 could be the perfect match.  

These bikes are designed for smooth and efficient riding on paved surfaces. If your little one is looking to get into road racing then getting a quality road bike is step one.  

The Frog Road 67 is the right bike size for 8 year olds. With lightweight frames, narrow tires, and a more aerodynamic riding position, the 67 provides an exhilarating experience. It's perfect for kids who are keen on exploring longer distances and improving their cycling skills. 

Child on a frog road 67 - bike club

BMX Bikes 

For those who are captivated by tricks and stunts, BMX bikes like the WeThePeople Seed 16" are the go-to choice.  

With a compact frame and knobby tires, BMX bikes are built to handle the rigours of freestyle riding for young riders. 

One great BMX for 8 year olds is the Seed 16”. The WeThePeople Seed 16" is a freestyle BMX bike that's perfect for kids who are just starting out. It's got a lightweight Hi-Ten steel frame and fork, 2.25" tires, and a cassette hub for durability and smooth shifting. 

wethepeople Seed 16 - bike club

Mountain Bikes   

If your child is drawn to off-road adventures, mountain bikes like the Orbea MX 20 DIRT are an excellent pick.  

All our kid's mountain bikes are built to conquer uneven terrains, dirt trails, and forest paths with ease.  

They come equipped with durable components, suspension forks, and knobby tires to provide stability and control. 

One example is the Orbea MX 20 DIRT, a great mountain bike for 8 year olds. It's got a lightweight alloy frame and fork, 20" tires, and a 1x9 drivetrain for smooth shifting. 

Orbea MX 20 DIRT - Bike Club

Gears vs. No Gears 

When choosing a bike for your 8-year-old, one consideration is whether to go for a bike with or without gears.  

The choice should be based on their previous cycling experience. Most bikes for 8 year olds will have gears and this is what we recommend.  

Single-Speed Bikes 

Single-speed bikes, like the Frog 52 Single Speed, are straightforward and uncomplicated. They have one gear, which means your child won't need to worry about shifting gears while riding. 

This simplicity can be advantageous for smaller 8-year-olds or those with less cycling experience. The Frog 52 Single Speed will be too small for most 8 year olds. However, those with an inside leg measurement of 50 – 58cm can ride it. It offers an easy, low-maintenance ride for beginners. 

Multi-Speed Bikes 

Multi-speed bikes have gears that let your child change how they pedal based on the ground they're riding on. For 8-year-olds who have previous cycling experience, gears offer versatility. 

As they become more skilled riders, gears become increasingly valuable for climbing hills, and adapting to different riding conditions. 

Most bikes designed for 8-year-olds will come with gears. This provides a wider range of riding possibilities and encourages skill development.  

Regular Maintenance 

Keeping your child's bike in good working condition is essential to ensure their safety and enjoyment while riding.  

Regular maintenance not only prolongs the life of the bike but also helps prevent accidents caused by mechanical issues.  

Tyre Pressure 

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure will keep the bike rolling along smoothly. Check the tyre pressure regularly. You can use a gauge to ensure it matches the recommended PSI indicated on the side of the tires. 

Adequate tire pressure ensures proper traction, reduces the risk of flats, and makes pedalling more efficient.  

Brake Check 

Regularly inspect both the front and rear brakes for wear and tear. Ensure that the brake levers engage smoothly and that the brakes stop the bike effectively.  

When we receive exchanged bikes back, our expert mechanics make sure all components are functioning as they should. This includes the brakes which are rigorously tested.  

Chain Lubrication 

A well-lubricated chain is essential for smooth pedalling and extending the life of the drivetrain components. Apply a bicycle-specific chain lubricant to the chain, ensuring it's clean and free from dirt or debris. Wipe off excess lubricant to prevent attracting more dirt.  

A properly lubricated chain reduces friction, enhances shifting performance, and minimizes wear on the chain and gears. Depending on how often your child rides, you may need to lubricate the chain every few weeks. 

Tighten Bolts 

Bikes can experience vibrations and impacts during rides, which may cause bolts to loosen over time.  

Regularly check and tighten all the bolts on your child's bike, including those securing the handlebars, stem, saddle, and wheels. Ensure that the pedals are securely attached as well.  

Kids on bikes in forest - bike club

Frequently Asked Questions About Bikes for 8 Year Olds 

What size bike should I get for my 8-year-old? 

When selecting a bike for your 8-year-old, one with 20 to 24-inch wheels is a commonly suitable size. However, we recommend choosing a bike based on your child's inside leg measurement to get the most accurate fit. 

What if my 8-year-old has never ridden a bike before? 

If your 8-year-old is new to cycling, start by choosing a bike that's appropriately sized to their height. Consider taking the pedals off to help them focus on balance initially. Practice in a safe, open area, such as an empty parking lot or a quiet street.

Provide patient and encouraging guidance as they develop their riding skills.  View our blog on how to teach a child to ride a bike for more!

Should I buy a bike that my child can grow into? 

While it's tempting to purchase a larger bike that your child can grow into, it's essential to prioritise their current comfort. Choose a bike that fits them well based on their current inside leg measurement.

You can later make adjustments, such as raising the seat or handlebars, to accommodate some growth. As your child grows, you can exchange your current bike for a larger bike with Bike Club.