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How To Ride with Correct Bike Posture

Unlike most kids bikes, ours are racing position. 🏁 This means the child is more forward-leaning than other types of bikes. 🚴 Knowing what the correct bicycle riding position looks like will go a long way to ensuring your child has a great experience on their bike with proper bike posture! 👍

 correct riding position

 Elements of the Riding Position

  1. Your child is leaning forward so that their arms and torso form a 45-degree angle 📐

  2. When cycling, their knees never go above the height of the handlebars 📏

  3. At 3 o'clock, their knee is in line with the pedal 🕒

Why is correct bike posture so important?

Well, simply... it's more comfortable and efficient. ⏩ When children are developing their cycling skills, it's a good idea to remove any barriers to their enjoyment that you can. Teaching good cycling position now will pay off down the line with a deep-seated love of cycling! ❤️

What if their riding position is wrong?

There are a few things you can do if their bike posture is wrong! If their leg doesn't have a slight 25-degree bend when the pedal is at its lowest point but is straight instead, take the saddle height down. ⬇️

If it has more of a bend, pull the saddle up. If it's as high as it goes? Exchange for the next size up. ♻️

Same for the handlebars, if they have more than a 45-degree angle, lower the handlebar down. 🔽

Less than a 45-degree angle? Raise it up a bit. High as it can go? Exchange time! 🔄

If you need any help, our team is ready to answer your questions. Just reach out via live chat! 💬

For more helpful information, you can read our assembly assistance guide.