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 The Paris 2024 Olympics take place from 26th July to 11th August and will see the world’s best talent competing to take gold for their home nation.  

Cycling often sees a resurgence of interest in an Olympic year, especially as it happens to be a sport that Team GB does particularly well in!  

Watching the pros is a great way to inspire young people and nurture their interest in the sport, so if you find your young riders itching to give it a go after seeing a spectacular performance, you can get the kids involved by hosting your own mini cycling Olympics!  

Check out some of our ideas below:  

BMX Events for Children 

Freestyle Competition 

This one is easy to recreate as the rules of the Olympic BMX Freestyle competition are very simple - perform as many tricks as possible in 60 seconds. 

Riders are scored based on the difficulty of the tricks, the height of their jumps, and the creativity and style of their routines. Some good BMX tricks to get started with are the bunny hop and manual. See what your little riders can come up with!  

Learn an Olympic BMX Trick  

Focus on one specific trick used in the Olympics and break it down into manageable steps for kids. This provides a structured learning experience with a clear goal. 

  • Choose a Trick: Pick a beginner-friendly trick like a bunny hop or manual. 
  • Find Instructional Videos: Look for online tutorials from professional BMX riders or coaches that explain the trick step-by-step in a kid-friendly way. 
  • Practice Breakdown: Break down the trick into smaller, achievable steps (e.g., standing on the pedals, lifting the front wheel, combining both). 

When to watch the real thing: Qualification rounds take place on 30th July and the finals are on 31st July.  

Mountain Biking Events for Children 

Mountain biking at the Olympics sees riders chasing each other round an intense course full of twists and turns. Here are some ideas for MTB inspired events:

Slalom Course 

You can create your own slalom course using cones and see how fast the kids can get round. If your children are feeling more adventurous you can add in obstacles for them to navigate round or over, like a pile of logs.  

Mini Downhill Race 

Find a safe, downhill slope suitable for your child's skill level. You can even create small jumps or obstacles using natural elements like logs or mounds of dirt.  

Your children can compete to complete the downhill section in the fastest time, emphasising controlled riding.  

When to watch the real thing: The women’s race take place on 28th July and the men’s race is on 29th July. 

Road Cycling Events for Children 

Olympic road cycling consists of two types of events: the road race, which is a mass-start race over a long distance with the aim of crossing the finish line first, and the individual time trial, which is a solo effort over a shorter distance with the aim of completing it in the fastest time.  

Road Bike Time Trials 

It’s easy to do your own time trial once you find a suitable location: a closed stretch of road, a cycling venue with a circuit, or (for an extra challenge) up a hill! 

Paceline Challenge 

This event introduces kids to the concept of pacelines, a key strategy used in professional road cycling. It encourages teamwork and maintaining a steady pace.  

How to Set It Up:  

  • Location: Choose a safe and clear path, like a park path or a quiet neighbourhood street. 
  • Number of Participants: This activity works best with at least two kids, but can be adapted for a solo challenge. 
  • The Challenge: Kids ride in a single file line, taking turns at the front. The rider at the front faces the wind resistance and sets the pace for a certain amount of time (e.g., 30 seconds). Then, they drop back and the next rider takes the lead, allowing the previous leader to rest in the draft of the peloton (group). 

When to watch the real thing: Time trials take place on 27th July, whilst the men’s road race is on 3rd August and women’s road race on 4th August.

child on a road bike - Bike Club

Cycling Events with any Bike 

You don’t need a special bike to host your own cycling Olympics and being a mini Olympian doesn’t have to mean being the fastest, it can also be about skill! 

Here are some ideas for events on any bike:  

Relay Race 

A bike race with a relay element. Divide the children into teams, each team member rides their bike to a designated spot, picks up a baton (or stick), rides back, and hands it off to the next team member.  

Skittles Slalom 

Set up skittles or empty bottles in a slalom pattern. Kids navigate the course on their bikes, focusing on precision and avoiding knocking over the skittles. 

Obstacle Course Scavenger Hunt 

Combine the obstacle course with a scavenger hunt. Hide small objects or clues along the course that kids need to find while navigating the obstacles. 

Balance Bike Glide Challenge 

How long can your child glide on a bike for? Choose a flat, smooth surface like a driveway or a park path. Mark a starting line to indicate where they need to lift their legs and start gliding.  

Use a measuring tape or mark the stopping point of each child's glide. The child who rolls the furthest distance wins 

For more games, check out our blog on games to play on any bike, which will put your children’s bike handling and balancing abilities to the test.  

child on a balance bike - Bike Club