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As parents, we know how important it is to find the perfect bike for our little ones. A 16 inch kids bike for those aged 4 to 6 is a great choice, with the right size and features.

To help you choose, we made a list of the best 16 inch bikes for kids in this age group.

From safety features to fun designs, we'll cover everything, ensuring your child has a fantastic biking experience. Let's dive into our top picks for these bikes including brands such as Cube, Forme, Frog, and Woom!

Forme Cubley 16

The Forme Cubley 16 is a lightweight first pedal bike for children aged 4-6 years old. It helps kids move from a balance bike to a pedal bike easily and, most importantly, with fun.

Low Step Over Frame

Low-step frames make it easy for your child to get on and off the bike. They don't have to lift their leg over the back wheel.

All-Weather Wheels

Your child can now enjoy cycling in any weather with 16 inch wheels that protect them from harsh elements.

Comfortable Saddle

Comfort is key with any kid's bike, which is no different with the Forme Cubley's junior saddle.

What They Say About the Forme Cubley 16

Our customers absolutely love the Forme Cubley 16 and this is what one has had to say about it.

"Our 6 year old rides his blue lightning streak to school every day. He soon got the hang of changing gear to help him up the hill to our house. Just add your own mudguards for winter riding."

If you want a kids pedal bike, the Forme Cubley 16 is a good choice to think about. It is a lightweight, durable, and easy-to-ride bike that is sure to help your child learn to love cycling.

Forme cubley 16 inch bike

Frog 44

The Frog 44 is a popular bike for kids aged 4-6 because it's well-made, lightweight, and focuses on safety.

Entry Level

If your child is learning to ride a bike, the Frog 44 is an ideal 16-inch bicycle to help get them on their way.

Lightweight Design

Weighing only 6.3kgs, its lightweight design ensures your child can steer it without any problems. Say goodbye to heavy bikes!

Safety First

The Frog 44 comes with a locking headset which means the handlebars have a steering limiter, which is safer for learners.

What They Say About the Frog 44

Lets have a look at what one of our customers has to say about the Frog 44 kids bike:

"Brilliant service and such a convenient way to get your child going on a really good quality bike at a reasonable price!"

If you are looking for a great lightweight bike for your child, the Frog 44 is a great option to consider.

Frog 44 16 inch bike

Frog 48

Are you looking for a comfortable kids' first pedal bike? Look no further than the Frog 48 kids' bicycle.

Adjustable Saddle

You can typically adjust the saddle height and handlebar height to accommodate your child's growth.

Lightweight Build

It features a lightweight aluminium alloy frame, making it easy for young riders to handle and control.

Sturdy Tyres

The bike comes with Kenda 16 inch hybrid tyres, which offer excellent grip on both pavement and light off-road terrain.

What They Say About the Frog 48

"My son is very happy with his bike which arrived on time and in very good condition although it is a second-hand bike."

Overall, the Frog 48 is a popular choice for parents seeking a safe, durable first pedal bike for their child.

Frog 48 16 Inch bike coloured Pink

Woom 3

If it's one of the best first pedal bikes on the market you're after, make sure you check out the Woom 3.

High Quality Tyres

The bike typically comes with high-quality, low-resistance tires suitable for a variety of riding surfaces, including pavement and trails.

Saddle and Handlebars

The saddle and handlebars are designed with children's comfort in mind. They are usually adjustable to accommodate growth spurts.

Quality Bike Brand

Woom is a renowned Austrian brand that makes great bikes for kids that are safe, comfortable, and easy to use. 

What They Say About The Woom 3

It's little wonder that Woom are such a popular kids bike brand with reviews such as these:

"This bike is fantastic as a first bike. Incredibly lightweight and the idea of being able to swap the bike as they grow is excellent too. Well, worth it in my opinion!"

If you are looking for a children's bike that is lightweight, easy to ride, and stable, the Woom 3 is a great option.

Woom 3 16 inch kids bike

Questions We Regularly Get Asked About 16 Inch Kids Bikes

What age is suitable for a 16 inch bicycle?

A 16-inch kids' bicycle is generally suitable for children aged 4 to 6 years old. However, it's important to consider your child's height and skill level, as this can vary.

How do I measure my child's inseam for a 16-inch bike?

To find your child's inseam, make them stand without shoes, measure from their crotch to the floor with their feet flat. This measurement should be approximately 18 to 22 inches (45 to 55 cm) for a 16-inch bike.

To learn how to measure your child for their bike, read our kids' bike size guide.

How do I ensure the bike is the right size for my child?

To check the right size, make sure your child can stand over the top tube with both feet on the ground. The handlebars and saddle height should be adjustable to match your child's size.

How can I teach my child to ride a 16-inch bike safely?

To teach your child about safe cycling, you need to ensure they have a good helmet. You should also supervise their first bike rides and teach them about traffic rules. Encourage them to start in a safe, open area and gradually progress to more challenging terrain as their skills improve.