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SpringĀ is a time when the world goes green, literally! Flowers bloom and winter is shaken off.Ā šŸŒ» And it always makes us think aboutĀ going greenerĀ ourselves.Ā We probably all already use mostly cloth shopping bags and recycle regularly. But there's always more we could be doing.Ā šŸ“ˆ

We've hunted down some easy changes we can all make toĀ reduce, reuse and recycle more.Ā ā™»ļø

Move to microfibreĀ 

Instead of buying kitchen roll when you next run out, opt for microfibre cleaning rags instead. They trap more dirt and clean super easy in the wash. After you use a rag, put it in a dedicated basket and wash them all together in a hot cycle. You'll save tons of trees with just this little change.

Go digital for entertainmentĀ šŸŽ„

Where you can, go for digital versions of things that are often physical. Rent videos on demand instead of buying physical copies. Use a kindle instead of buying books. And download video games instead of buying it on a disc. If you do this as much as you can, you'll reduce items going to landfill once your family tires of them.

Skip plastic water bottles

Get several reusable water bottles and keep them at home, work and school. You'll love expressing your personal style while ensuring hydration. Also, the best water bottles keep your drink much cooler for longer, so you'll feel more refreshed all while saving the planet.

Don't bin, donateĀ šŸ”„

You can donate just about anything these days, from cars to knick-knacks. Many services will even collect items directly from your door. There's really noĀ need to bin usable items your family has simply no more need for.

Buy preloved

Thrifting and upcycling are very vogue these days and it makes sense! With loads of perfectly good preloved items available across the country, influencers are popularising this movement. We have our own preloved option for members, the reBike! Why not for your next exchange, choose a reBike instead and support the green economy.

Book home deliveryĀ šŸšš

Instead of driving to the shops, order online and book home delivery. This keeps more cars off the road and consolidates orders from multiple people into one van. Even better? Walk or cycle to the shops if you can! Reuse boxes and bags where you can. (We recommend you keep our bike box for exchange, but forts are cool too...)



Opt for a green clean

Switch to eco-friendly cleaning products to reduce harmful runoff and water pollution. There are many brands available now and that's making these options more affordable than ever before.Ā 

Buy localĀ šŸ‡¬šŸ‡§

The less time a product takes to get to you, the fresher it will be. Plus, there will be fewer carbon emissionscreated in the process! Look for the country of origin stickers on your food and produce to buy British.

Fix it, paint it!

Bored with a piece of furniture? Why not reupholster or paint it! Broken bit of tech? Have it repaired. Often the cost to update or fix items is less than replacing it. Hopefully, you'll then fall in love with it all over again.

Go paperlessĀ šŸ’»

If you haven't switched all your statements to paperless, now is the time. You can always request a paper copy if you need them in the future. Stop printing emails and documents. Take notes digitally if you can or use a reusable notebook.

Plant some fruit & veg

Children love home gardens. You'll struggle to keep them out of it, we know! In addition to being cost-effective, it will teach children where food comes from. Just don't expect to enjoy the fruits of your labour...Ā those little mouths will see to it.

Lower hot water tempĀ šŸŒ”ļø

Why make scalding hot water that wastes energy? Lower your maximum hot water temperature to between 60 and 65c.Ā It's one of many things you can do toĀ save energy over the course of a year.

Those are our tips! Have your own ideas? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram!