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Protecting the planet matters to us, so we couldn’t let Earth Day go by without sharing something special 🌍

We chatted with TV presenter and author, Radzi Chinyanganya, about his eco-friendly lifestyle and learnt some useful tips for raising eco-conscious children:

Radzi Chinyanganya

“Firstly, if you want to live a sustainable lifestyle, you need to love the place you live in and care about it. So, whether you live in a bustling city or on a remote farm, I’d encourage children to look up: just by looking at the sky, they’ll see birds flying around and amazing weather patterns.

They will be in awe of nature's harmony and the incredible blue marble we call Planet Earth.

Once they love it, they’ll want to protect it. We’d never let anything happen to our friends or our family because we care about them too much. Once they have this connection with Earth, they will want to protect it. Love the place where you live!"


2. What sustainable habits have you built into your lifestyle?

“I try to be eco-aware, especially when it comes to shopping. I hardly ever buy new clothes. Fast fashion is everywhere. We're told that clothes are out of season or not trendy anymore, all the time.

My clothes last a long, long time! That mentality is important in lots of other parts of life, too. Make things last and don’t just throw them away."

 🙅‍♂️  🗑️  👕

3. You're a big animal lover and mindful about protecting their ecosystems - what do you recommend doing to help?

Animals and the ecosystem are imperative because without them, no other life on Earth can exist. My biggest contribution to this is my diet. I'm not vegan or vegetarian, but I am a conscious meat reducer. I'll always enjoy eating meat, but I try to limit it. Some weeks, I eat a bit less meat, and other weeks, I eat a lot less meat. This is the main way that I contribute to natural ecosystems."

🐾  🌱  🐄 

4. What do you plan on doing this year and going forwards, to help pave the way for a cleaner, greener future?

“My big mantra is ‘do I need it, or do I just want it?’. Nowadays, we always see people with abundance. A lot of it is ‘want’ over ‘need’. Or dare I say it, ‘greed’ over ‘need’. So, whenever I see something new, like clothes or furniture, I ask do I really need it? Living in moderation is really important for the planet and living greener and cleaner, and it's also good for our mental health."

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