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  1. Where are you from and where is home now? 🏠

I'm from Chelmsford in Essex, originally. Home is now Woolwich Arsenal on the DLR in London!

  1. How old were you when you learned to cycle and what was it like? 🎓

I was around 5 or 6, and I barely remember the early stages of learning to ride but I do remember practising one-handed riding which was scary but fun.

  1. What do you do at the Bike Club? ⚙️

As the Senior Mechanic, I’m responsible for the other mechanics and for making sure all the bikes in our fleet are working properly.

  1. What’s a typical day in the warehouse like for you? 📦

Mayhem! But in a good way. I’m pulling out all the bikes that are due for dispatch, making sure they are fit and ready to go. You'll often find me double-checking quality control and helping customers troubleshoot any mechanical issues they might have with one of the bikes already at their home.

  1. Got any bike care tips you can share to make our reBikes better for their next family? ♻️

Wash the bike really well, regularly. And if you think there’s something wrong with the bike… call us or call your local bike shop. Don’t wait for a problem to get worse.



  1. What do you love most about cycling? 🚴

I cycle home nearly every day. It clears my head and gives me time to myself so I can be Daddy when I get home!

  1. What’s the most important cycling skill, in your opinion? 👨‍🏫

To be able to look behind you to see if there is any traffic coming up on you. Most people forget to watch their back. 

  1. Where’s the best place you’ve ridden? 🌲

The New Forest in England. There are trails, road riding and general exploring opportunities on your bike.

  1. What is your favourite kids bike in our range? 🚲

I like the Frog 52 because it’s a small frame on a 20” wheel which is pretty rare in the market and I couldn’t pick a colour if you asked me. They’re all great!

  1. What’s one unique thing about you? ❄️

I secretly hate Peppa Pig, but my kids love her. It’s on my TV every morning and drives me batty. But don’t tell them.

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