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As a parent, you always aim to make a safe, orderly home for your children. You want them to feel secure and comfortable in their environment. 

Storing your kids' bikes at home requires practical solutions. Solutions that optimise space and protect the bikes. 

In our latest blog, we'll explore our top five ways to store your kids' bikes at home. 

For limited space or advanced needs, our indoor bike storage ideas ensure kids' bikes are safe, secure, and accessible. So let’s dive in! 

kids bikes storage ideas

Wall-Mounted Hooks or Bike Racks 

A popular space-saving option for storing your child's bike is a wall-mounted hook or rack. Not only is this an efficient kid's bike storage solution but it’s also visually appealing. 

Hang bikes vertically to maximise floor space and create an organised display for your child's bike and others in the household. 

Set up sturdy hooks or racks at an appropriate height for the effortless hanging of your child's bike. 

Consider adjustable hooks for growing children and their various bikes, including balance bikes and first pedal bikes.  

This method ensures quick access to the bicycle while preventing damage by keeping it off the ground. 

Freestanding Bike Stands 

For ample floor space, freestanding bike stands or floor racks are ideal for both indoor and outdoor bike storage.

Kids' bike stands can provide stability and accommodate multiple bikes, perfect for families with several children.  

Look for bike stands with rubberised or padded contact points to protect your kids' bikes from scratches and damage. Freestanding bike stands can provide a drill-free solution for parents with limited wall space.

Furthermore, these stands allow for easy rearrangement of bicycles as needed, which ensures parents can adapt to changing storage requirements. 

Garage Storage

Garages offer a great spot to store your bike, protecting it from the elements. They shield your bike from rain, snow, and harsh sunlight, all of which can wreak havoc on your components and frame over time.

But remember, a garage isn't completely sealed. Ideally, position your bike away from any leaky areas or excessive moisture to prevent rust or mold growth.

Keeping your bike dry in your garage will ensure it stays in tip-top shape for your next ride.

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Folding or Collapsible Bikes 

For space constraints, folding or collapsible bikes are an innovative and efficient storage idea. These bikes fold into a compact size, making storage in smaller spaces more manageable.

Simply fold your child's bike and store it in a closet, under their bed, or in the garage when not in use.

Folding bikes are lightweight and easy to handle, enabling children to participate in the folding process, a significant advantage. Naturally, parents must supervise at all times to prevent little fingers from getting jammed.

These bikes are useful for families who are living in small apartments or for those families who are travelling frequently. They especially come in handy when driving out to the countryside or coastal areas for a family bike ride.  

Ceiling-Mounted Hoists or Pulleys 

Ceiling-mounted hoists or pulley systems are a great solution for maximising floor and wall space, offering an advanced bike storage idea.

By suspending the bikes from your ceiling, you can create extra space in your storage area, whether it's your garage or another room in your house. It also creates a clutter-free environment in your home which we’re sure is a huge bonus for you.  

For hoists or pulleys, ensure secure installation and weight capacity for your child's bike. This form of bike storage is also beneficial to families that have limited floor space or those living in apartments. 

A kid riding on his bike with the help of his dad


When it comes to storing your kids’ bikes in your home, it’s important to consider space, safety, and organisation. 

With our five suggestions, you can create a secure and efficient bike storage solution for your children's bikes.

Each option offers unique advantages for storing bikes in sheds, garages, or inside your home, regardless of your choice.

Involving your children in the storage process can be a fun way to teach them responsibility for their bikes. This will very much depend on how old they are. 

With an organised storage system, maximise space, protect kids' bikes, and create a clutter-free environment in your home. 

We'd recommend choosing a bike storage solution that fits your space, preferences, and budget for a well-organised home with well-maintained bikes.

Frequently Asked Questions About How to Store Kid’s Bikes 

How do I choose the best storage option for my kids' bikes? 

Consider factors such as the number of bikes that you have, available space, and your bike storage preferences. Wall-mounted hooks, freestanding bike stands, and ceiling-mounted hoists are some of the more popular choices. 

Can I use freestanding bike stands for multiple bikes? 

Absolutely. Bike stands specifically designed to accommodate multiple children's bicycles are an ideal option for households with more than one child.  

Can folding bikes be stored easily? 

Folding bicycles collapse into a small size, easily fitting into spaces like beds, extra rooms, or garages.

Can I store my kids' bikes outside? 

It is recommended to store your bicycle indoors, rather than leaving it exposed to the elements in an outdoor shed or garage.