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Look How We've Grown, Literally!

A lot has been happening at the Bike Club recently. From moving offices to launching a brand-new website, it’s been busy, to say the least. Everything has been moving so quickly that we thought it might be nice to bring things back a little. Back to when we might have had our own Tadpoles and Frogs. 

We can get so wrapped up in getting to know you that we forget that you might not know much about us! So, let's meet the team... 


 Alexandra – Co-Founder and COO 

First up is Alexandra: The brains behind the Bike Club, Alexandra is our Co-Founder and COO. It's her love of cycling that has brought us all together and her aim to help create the next generation of cyclists that keeps our wheels spinning true. 


James - CEO 


When he’s not making headlines, our CEO James is working hard behind the scenes to make sure that the lights stay on. Whether it’s organising website updates, working on the latest ad campaign, or even just making sure spirits are high and everyone is fuelled up with coffee, James keeps the Bike Club headed in the right direction!


Anna – Process and Operations Manager 

This is Anna. She’s in charge of our operations and makes sure all of your bikes get to where they need to go (but not on her motorbike, unfortunately!). 


Charlotte – Marketing and Membership Executive  

If you’re familiar with our social media channels, then there’s a good chance you’ve already come across Charlotte. She helps spread the word to @jointhebikeclub through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more. All to make sure that you’re kept up to date with what's happening. Don't worry, she's considerably less gappy-toothed now (but we're trying to encourage a return of the pigtails).

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Evan - Intern 

The first of our American contingent, studying in London but from New York City, you can find Evan on the Bike Club live chat, ready and willing to help with all of your cycling needs.  


Hannah – Head of Member Services 

And here, modelling a retro balance-bike, we have Hannah. She oversees all our communications with you: our lovely Bike Club members. If she's not busy making sure everything is tip-top, she's nose deep in a bowl of her favourite wholesome snack, granola. 😋🐰


Hugh – Project Lead 

Project lead and technology expert Hugh manages to balance his busy role here with his studies in International Relations. He’s a whizz for setting up software on our systems and has a keen eye for design (and evidently, hats). 


Jasmine – Member Support  

Hailing from the far-off land of Guernsey, Jasmine is working with us while studying for a degree in Screen Writing (she's written for our blog, too). We've heard that she does a great impression of that emu - with her skills in acting, the limit does not exist!  


Joe – Warehouse Operative 


Meet Joe (resist the urge to tousle that cute curly hair). Joe runs the day-to-day operations at our own warehouse with a smile. He ensures that all exchanges go smoothly and that our lovely reBikes look as smart and dapper he does here before they arrive at your doorstep.  


Laura – Marketing Manager  

This is Laura. A very cool kid. She runs a whole host of marketing campaigns and helps make sure that the passion and goals behind the Bike Club are delivered in the best way. 👍 Psst, Laura... do you still have those glasses?


Rick - Operations Assistant  


With as much passion for bikes as he has for ice cream, Rick handles a wide range. From dealing with deliveries to talking to customers and coming up with ideas, Rick’s helps keep the Bike Club pedalling.  


Sean – Bikes and Tech 

Fresh off the boat all the way from Auckland, New Zealand, our resident bike expert Sean has also been working hard behind the scenes to get our shiny new website up and running. He is certainly a man of many trades and probably the calmest soul you could ever meet. (His secret? Lots of yoga. 🧘‍♂️)


Stephen – Member Support 

Stephen can be found lending a helping hand everywhere. He’s on live chat, helps book your orders and deliveries, and also writes blog posts. 😉 He brings colour to the Bike Club office daily, with an array of quirky and colourful shirts. 👕


Will – Intern   

The lantern rouge of the list is our other American: Will. He’s been working hard since he arrived. He recently interviewed Filip Prokopyszyn, one of the Bike Club's sponsored track cycling stars of 6-Day London (which you can read here: https://bit.ly/2JgOMo8 )


And that’s the team! We may have grown a lot since our photos, but we’re all still young at heart (we like to think). Here at the Bike Club, we understand how valuable it is to have an active childhood full of memories that you can look back on.

Bike Club was founded with an aim that all of us here share: to make cycling easier and more accessible to families everywhere. 🙌 🚲