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Have you seen it yet!? We can’t believe we’ve managed to contain ourselves this long, but we’re thrilled to announce our very first TV ad is now live and flying out across the airwaves to your homes as we speak. The ad – which we’ve called Growth Spurt – is a 30 second rollercoaster of emotion that will be familiar to all parents. It follows the story of Little Jimmy as he proudly receives a brand-new bike from his parents, but his joy quickly turns to dismay as the dreaded growth spurt sets in. Sound familiar? Watch it now and see how the story unfolds…


Kids grow fast – really fast – unfortunately their bikes don’t grow with them. To keep your child on the right sized bike all the time, you’ll have to buy eight different bikes by the time your child is 12! That’s a lot of time, effort and money. Plus as any parent who’s ever tried to sell a kids bike knows, it’s not that easy. Which means old bikes often end up at the back of sheds and garages or worse still in landfill.

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That’s exactly why we think you should never buy a kids bike again. Subscribe instead and exchange as they grow. Bike Club is the sustainable solution that means kids will always be on the right size. It lets you spread the cost of your bikes rather than having large upfront costs to contend with, and it’s flexible. You can cancel your subscription or exchange your bike at any time.

Want to find out how Bike Club offers the sustainable solution to kids bikes? Check out this article.

bike club tube advert

You’ll also be able to find our Never Buy a Kids Bike Again campaign running across the London travel network. From Tube escalators, and stations, to buses on Oxford Street, you can see the kids bike revolution spreading across the capital. If you spot us out and about then grab a snap and tag us on social media @jointhebikeclub. We share pictures from our members every day so you might even see yourselves on our channels!

bike club bus ad