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As a parent, you want your child to have an amazing bike that they enjoy riding. But with so many options available on the market, it can be difficult to know which one to choose.

 While you may be tempted to go for a cheaper option, getting a high-quality kids bike will pay off in the long run. In this blog post, we’ll look at the benefits of choosing a premium kids bike, the types of bikes available, and why sustainability should be a consideration. Whether you need a balance bike for a 3 year old, or a road bike for a 10 year old, we have you covered.

Benefits of Choosing a High Quality Kids Bike

Durability & Longevity

One of the biggest benefits of getting a quality kids bike is durability and longevity. These bikes are built with better materials and construction methods, making them more resilient to wear and tear.

They can withstand the rough and tumble your little one will put them through and can last through multiple children.

On the other hand, cheaper bikes are often made with lower-quality materials, such as plastic or cheap metal, which can easily break or bend. This can lead to frustration for you and your child if the frame gets bent or parts break. 

At Bike Club we use well-built bikes to our advantage as part of a circular business model. When you exchange a bike with us, our mechanics will service the bike and make sure it is ready to be used by another child as a rebike

Kids mountain biking - Bike Club

Better Riding Experience

Another benefit of choosing a premium kids bike is an improved riding experience. These bikes are designed with better components across the board. From the frame geometry to their gears and brakes, everything has been made to fit around a child's proportions, making the riding experience more natural.  

They also tend to be lighter, which means your child will have an easier time manoeuvring the bike and can ride for longer periods of time without getting tired.

Cheaper bikes may not have the same level of components, making them harder to ride and less efficient. They are usually heavier, which can make it harder for your child to control (and easier for them to get fed up). 

Improved Safety

Perhaps the most important benefit of investing in a quality kids bike is safety. These bikes are built with safety in mind, with better brakes and sturdy lightweight frames to help your child stay in control.

They may also come with additional safety features, such as reflective materials or lights, which can make your child more visible on the road.

Cheaper bikes will often not have the same level of safety features. Also, if they have a less comfortable frame geometry making them harder to ride, this will also make them more dangerous. For more on this, check out our bike safety guide

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Developmental Benefits

Riding a bike can have many benefits for children, including improved balance, coordination, and fitness. Getting your little one on a well-made bike can help them develop these skills more effectively. If the bike is easy to ride then they will pick up cycling quicker and enjoy it more.

A great bike can also help your child develop a lifelong love for cycling and the outdoors. 

Sustainability & the Circular Economy

Finally, getting a quality kids bike is a sustainable choice. These bikes are built to last, which means they don’t need get the tool box out as frequently as you would with cheaper bikes.

As mentioned above, this Bike Club offers top-quality bikes for this reason. We want to reduce waste as much as we can by reusing bikes in a more sustainable circular model. We also work with brands that care about reducing their own carbon footprints in the bike manufacturing process. 

On the other hand, cheap bikes are more prone to break and degrade over time. They are less likely to get as many uses making them a less sustainable option. 

Types of Kids Bikes

Now that we’ve explored the benefits of choosing a high-quality kids bike, let’s take a look at the different types of bikes available. Understanding the different kinds can help you choose the right bike for your child’s needs and preferences.

Balance Bikes

Balance bikes are designed for the youngest riders, typically aged 18 months to 5 years old, and are an excellent choice for kids who are learning to balance and steer. Balance bikes have no pedals, and children learn to push themselves forward with their feet, using their balance to stay upright. 

This method allows children to develop a sense of balance and control, making the transition to a pedal bike much easier when the time comes. Because balance bikes are often the first bike a child will ride, choosing a top-quality model that is lightweight, durable, and adjustable ensures a comfortable and safe riding experience.

Some of the great balance bikes for up to 5 year olds we offer include: 

Frog Tadpole Mini

  • Inside Leg Measurement: 23cm - 31cm
  • Generally for children 1 - 2 years old
  • Weighs 3.46kg

Frog Tadpole

  • Inside Leg Measurement: 31cm - 38cm 
  • Generally for children 2 - 3 years old
  • Weighs 4.17kg

    frog tadpole green - high quality kids bike

    First Pedal Bikes

    First pedal bikes are ideal for children who have already outgrown their balance bikes and are ready to take on a new challenge. 

    When looking for a first pedal bike, it’s important to consider the size of the bike, the weight, and the quality of the components. The bike should allow them to comfortably reach the handlebars and pedals while keeping their feet on the ground. The weight of the bike should be manageable for the child, allowing them to easily manoeuvre and control it.

    We have an excellent range of first pedal bikes for 4 years olds to bikes for 7 year olds, including: 

    Frog 40

    • Inside Leg Measurement: 36cm - 43cm
    • Generally for children 3 - 4 years old
    • Weighs 6.3kg

    Woom 2

    • Inside Leg Measurement: 40cm - 49cm
    • Generally for children 3 - 5 years old
    • Weighs 5kg

    Forme Cubley 14

    • Inside Leg Measurement: 43cm - 48cm
    • Generally for children 3 - 4 years old
    • Weighs 6.12kg

    Hybrid / Off-Road Bikes

    Hybrid bikes are designed for both on-road and off-road use, making them a versatile choice for kids who love to explore. They typically feature wider tires, suspension forks, and a range of gears to tackle different types of terrain.

    When choosing a hybrid or off-road bike, it’s important to consider the child’s riding ability, the type of terrain they’ll be riding on, and the quality of the components. A well-made bike with high-quality components will ensure a smoother, more enjoyable ride for the child. We have a variety available, form hybrid bikes for 5 year olds to bikes for 11 year olds.

    Frog 52 

    • Inner leg measurement: 50cm – 58cm 
    • Generally for children 5 - 6 years old 
    • Weighs 8.75 kg 

    Forme Kinder 20 

    • Inside leg measurement: 52cm – 62cm 
    • Generally for children 6 - 7 years old 
    • Weighs 8.47kg 


      Kids Road Bikes

      Road bikes are designed for speed and efficiency, making them a great choice for kids who are interested in road cycling and racing. They typically feature lightweight frames, narrow tires, and drop handlebars for a more aerodynamic riding position. Our range features road bikes for 6 year olds and beyond.

      FROG ROAD 58 

      • Inner leg measurement: 52cm – 59cm
      • Generally for children 6 - 7 years old
      • Weighs 8.2kg

      FROG ROAD 67  

      • Inner leg measurement: 62cm – 70cm
      • Generally for children 8 - 12 years old
      • Weighs 8.8kg

       FROG ROAD 70

      • Inner leg measurement: 67cm – 79cm
      • Generally for 11 - 14 years old
      • Weighs 9.3kg

      BMX Bikes

      BMX bikes are designed for freestyle riding and racing on dirt tracks, ramps, and other obstacles. They typically have a smaller frame size, wide tires, and a strong, durable build to handle the demands of BMX riding.

      One of the great kids bmx bikes we offer is the WeThePeople Nova 20.5:

      WeThePeople Nova 20.5 Freestyle

      • Inner leg measurement: 66cm - 90cm
      • Generally for riders 11 years +
      • Weighs 11.92kg

      Quality Mountain Bikes

      Mountain bikes are designed for off-road terrain, such as dirt paths, rocky trails, and mountainous terrain. They are equipped with wider tyres that provide better traction on uneven surfaces. 

      Some mountain bikes also have a suspension system that absorbs shock, making them more comfortable to ride on rough terrain. 

       High-end mountain bikes often have advanced features such as carbon fibre frames, hydraulic disc brakes, and quick gear shifting. We recommend the following:

      Orbea MX 20 DIRT  

      • Inner leg measurement: 52cm - 62cm  
      • Generally for 5 - 9 years old 
      • Weighs 9.3kg 

      Frog MTB 69 

      • Inner leg measurement: 63 cm - 70 cm 
      • Generally for 10 - 12 years old 
      • Weighs 11.4kg

      Quality Kids Bikes with Bike Club

      Getting a good quality kids bike is a wise decision for parents who want to ensure their children have a safe and enjoyable riding experience. Quality kids bikes offer benefits such as improved riding experience, safety, developmental benefits, and sustainability. 

      With Bike Club you can have access to the best kids bikes and make sure your child always has a superb bike that is the right size. We offer complete flexibility allowing you to exchange your bike anytime. This way your child can seamlessly transition onto a larger bike when they outgrow their current one. Sign up to Bike Club today to get access to our excellent range of kids bikes. 

      children with quality Woom bikes