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Easily one of the most popular bike brands in the UK, Forme range of kid's bikes begins at first pedal bikes all the way through to road & hybrid.

And that's why we stock them here at Bike Club because they offer our parents and, more importantly, their children the types of bikes that will ensure they continue to keep riding as they grow.

In this guide, we'll talk a little bit about the brand itself by looking at the great features of its bikes, as well as sharing an interview we did with its founder - Adam Biggs.

We'll then take a look at some of the bikes available within the range and discuss which one is suitable for children of various ages.

The Fantastic Features of Forme Bikes


Forme Kids Bike Features

To shine more of a spotlight on Forme, we decided to sit down with the Founder, Adam Biggs, to get an insight into the people and values behind the British challenger bike brand.

Quickfire Questions With Adam Biggs

What is your role at Forme?

I’m the Founder, so I head up all aspects of the brand and its vision with our Brand Manager & Designer. I’m also the Sales Director for Moore Large (who are Forme's distributor and owner), which has been established for over 45 years.

What are the origins of Forme?

Prior to setting up the Forme bikes brand, I was a full-time racing cyclist based in France. I began my racing career at 4 years old and competed across Road, MTB & Cycle Cross as a youth rider. As a fitness obsessive and lifelong fan of bikes, I jumped on the opportunity to create a bicycle brand in 2010, to support the requirements of the UK market.

Back then, the Government's Cycle Scheme had kicked in and I recognised that the UK was lacking a British multi–category bicycle brand offering premium-level quality at an affordable price point.

What's life like at Forme?

Our team are very family-orientated with children of our own and enthusiastic bike riders.

We are currently on a mission to get the UK pedalling. We have a fantastic opportunity to get more people riding bikes so if we can start them young, just imagine how many of the world’s problems could be resolved! I’m so obsessed with the mission, I even coach at our local junior cycling academy for Ilkeston Cycling Club (voted the UK’s number 1 cycling club by Cycling Weekly)!

The team at Forme aim to be 'straight-talking listeners' which represents the values I try to instil into every member of our team. 

What do you love most about your bicycles?

They’re developed in the real world, locally. It’s great to be in a position to test bikes, tweak them and bring a finished product to market. Although we have lots of data and reference studies based on years of bicycle evolution, there is no greater alternative to real testing and riding experience.

Sometimes results produced from tests conducted in a lab do not necessarily provide results to create the best bicycle, the best fit or the best handling. I’m a big believer in science but this has to be backed up with experience. With both my cycling and business caps on, I’m confident we produce some of the most well-suited and inclusive bikes.

What excites you most about the next 12 months?

Where do I start?! I have considered the rebuilding of the brand over the last few years as phase 1 of our brand’s development. We now have a well-established and trusted range of products which is now the largest range of bicycles from a British bicycle brand.

This depth has provided us with some solid foundation blocks to build open, enabling us to invest in new technology and additional products with a core focus on kid's bikes and electric bikes.

We will launch our new website over the next few months which will coincide with the launch of around 30 new models and over the next 12 months we will be launching new, lighter, and further improved junior bikes across MTB, hybrid, cyclocross, and even high-end full suspension level.

There are a variety of Forme bikes available for your child to ride whether they're just starting out learning how to ride or they're graduating to something a little more robust.

Forme First Pedal Bikes

If your child is transitioning from balance bikes, then a first pedal bike will be absolutely perfect for them.

The great news is that Forme has three bikes suitable for children between three and six years old ensuring there are a number of options available to them.

Forme Cubley 14

Weighing only 6.12kg, this makes the Forme Cubley 14 a fantastic first pedal bike as it's easier to turn than most other children's bikes.

Available in a range of bright, fun colours, it is ideal for children aged three to four years old and is one of the lightest bikes in the world for its price and specification.

forme cubley 14 red

Forme Cubley 16

Easy to manoeuvre and made with a variety of scaled-down components, the Forme Cubley 16-inch pedal bike is an ideal lightweight bike for children who are only just learning how to ride.

In fact, this kids' bike was designed specifically for children with its junior saddle and low step-over frame.

We would recommend this bike for any children who are either four or five years old.

Forme Cubley 18

An ideal bike for those kids who would really benefit from riding a lightweight bike to build their confidence, the Forme Cubley 18 weighs only 7.56kgs and is considered one of the lightest bikes in the world for its specification and price point.

A great bike for children who are either five or six years old, this bike can also be easily manoeuvred and is a popular choice amongst our existing Club members.

forme cubley 18 pink - bike club

Forme Hybrid Bikes

Equally as comfortable on the road or in the countryside, the Forme Hybrid bikes will be a winner for every child looking to widen their range of cycle paths from local footpaths.

The good news is that we stock three hybrid bikes for you and your child to choose from.

Forme Kinder 20

A kids' bike that is incredibly easy to control and steer, the Kinder 20 is a high-quality bike that is lightweight and ideal for children who are six-to-seven years old.

As it's a hybrid children's bike suitable for a number of different terrains, it comes with a number of great features including:

  • Comfortable saddle for longer rides
  • Rapid-fire gears specifically designed for little fingers
  • A lightweight frame makes it easier to pedal

Forme Kinder 24

If road cycling or countryside trails are more to your child's liking, then the Forme Kinder 24 is your go-to bike for them.

Recommended for children ages eight to nine years old, this lightweight bike is incredibly easy to control for junior riders as it weighs just over 9kgs.

Similar to other kids' bikes in the Forme hybrid range, the Kinder 24 comes with narrow handlebars and is built to withstand rainy British weather.

forme kinder 24 blue - bike club

Forme Kinder 26

Got a child who is aged between 10-12-years-old who loves bike riding? Look no further than the Forme Kinder 26.

Built & designed to last, it weighs in at just over 9kgs and is ideal for those kids who really love their cycling and are wanting to develop their long-term technique.

It comes with a number of great features including:

  • A lightweight, aluminium frame ensures easy control & steering
  • Rapid fire gears allow for small riders to shift more easier
  • A junior-specific saddle makes it easier for comfortable, longer rides

Forme Road Bikes

The type of bike that is built for roads, racing and introducing your child to cycling as a sport, road bikes come equipped with drop handlebars and skinny tyres making it easier to ride longer distances at speed.

Forme Calver Junior 700cc

Built with junior riders in mind who are aged 11-14 years old, the Forme Calver Junior is the perfect fit for those children who love multi-route adventures on both on & off-road trails.

Long-lasting and durable in any British weather, this really is a rugged bike that your child will have plenty of fun with.

calver junior purple - bike club


How Do I Know If These Bikes Are The Right Size For My Child?

This is a question we get asked all the time with regard to not only our Forme bikes but all of our kid bike brands.

And that's why we have created our Interactive Bike Finder which will help you accurately measure your child's inner leg length and provide you with some options.

Alternatively, we've also created this handy kid's bike size guide for you to read. We genuinely hope you find it useful.

Are Forme Bikes Any Good?

We like to think so, but don't take our word for it! Here are what some of our members have had to say about their experiences of getting a Forme bike on subscription:

Forme bike reviews


With a Bike Club subscription, you can get a fantastic Forme bike for your child at an affordable monthly rate and exchange it for a larger one as they grow. The environment will thank you too! To join Bike Club, visit our Account login page and sign up today.

You can also read our blog on Forme bikes including the Cubley 14 and Kinder.