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Thoughts From First-Timer Charlotte

The whole Bike Club team received the opportunity to see the magic of Six Day London 2019 for themselves. It was a week of unified celebration, cycling appreciation and even new experiences!  

Our Marketing Executive Charlotte took to the velodrome on the third evening and, according to her, it was certainly an evening to remember. 🤩

As you know, the Bike Club is all about creating happy memories. So, we'd love to share Charlotte's very happy memory of Six Day. Perhaps it will inspire you to grab a few tickets to the event next year. 🙌 🎟 

How would you describe the atmosphere to someone who has never been to six day before?

"It’s just as they say… electrifying! The energy generated by the cyclists, the crowd, the music and the lights. It’s epic. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. Thoroughly enjoyable for all ages."

Which event did you find the most entertaining/impressive?

"Honestly, I was blown away by every event! But most of all the Team Elimination race… I had expectations for this race in terms of intensity and it more than met them. Watching the teamwork between the riders was incredible but in particular for Mark Cavendish and Owain Doull. Seeing Mark accelerate with such power after the sling in the final lap and then charge over the finish line was amazing."

How do you feel about visiting a venue as iconic as the Olympic Velopark?

"It was really special. It’s a breath-taking venue and it felt very exciting to be spending an evening inside a building where the Olympics take place."

What was your favourite memory of the event?

"My favourite memory was watching one of the elite cyclists ride to the edge of the track to high five a little girl sitting nearby me. She looked so happy with her family, who were gushing with excitement for her. It was really warming and their smiles were infectious!"

How many laps could you keep up with the champion riders?

"Next question…. 😬"

Who stood out to you as a cyclist at the event?

"Mark Cavendish for sure. Not only was his riding outstanding, but the approach to his rivals after crossing the line was humble and his celebrations felt united with each rider's performance."

If you could sum up Six Day in one word what would it be?



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