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At a time when many are making more conscious purchasing choices, finding the perfect sustainable gift for Christmas can be tricky. 

Enter bike subscriptions — a unique and eco-friendly way to gift not just a bicycle, but a world of fun days out and experiences. In this blog, we explore why a bike subscription stands out as the ideal sustainable gift. 

Discover how this innovative approach to cycling leaves a lasting impact on both the recipient and the planet.

Environmental Impact of Bike Production

Bike production, like any manufacturing process, has some environmental impact. The extraction and processing of raw materials, such as steel, aluminium, and rubber, can release greenhouse gases and pollutants into the environment. 

The manufacturing process itself also consumes energy and water and produces waste. However, bikes are a relatively sustainable mode of transportation, and their overall environmental impact is far lower than that of cars or other vehicles.

Embracing the principles of sustainability and a circular economy, Bike Club not only offers brand-new bikes but also operates a refurbishment program. 

Bikes that we receive back, known as "reBikes," undergo meticulous refurbishing processes. 

This extends the life of each bicycle and significantly reduces the demand for new raw materials and energy. We also make these reBikes available at a lower price point. 

Forme Litton 10 - Bike Club

The Lifecycle of a Bike Club bike

When a child outgrows a Bike Club bike, it doesn't end up in the back of a graden shed or in a landfill. Instead, it undergoes a rigorous refurbishment to become a reBike, ready for a new rider.

Our mechanics give each bike a thorough check, fixing up what needs fixing and recycling what can't be salvaged. After a good scrub and service, every component is scrutinised, ensuring your kid gets a bike that's not just eco-friendly but also completely safe to ride.

By choosing a reBike, you're not just being green; you're also saving money. Monthly fees for reBikes are lower, making sustainable choices accessible for families. 

So, if you're after an affordable and eco-friendly kids' bike on subscription, a reBike from Bike Club is the real deal. Join us in giving bikes a second life and making cycling even more sustainable. 

Subscription Convenience 

Bike Club's subscription service offers a truly convenient way to ensure your child always has the perfect bike for their age and skill level. With our flexible subscription plans, you can exchange your child's bike as they grow, without having to worry about buying a new one each time.

Our extensive range of bikes caters to children of all ages and abilities, from balance bikes for toddlers to high-performance mountain bikes for experienced riders. We offer bikes from brand-name manufacturers like Cube, Woom, Wethepeople, Forme, and more, ensuring you're always getting the best quality bikes available.

With Bike Club, you'll never have to worry about your child outgrowing their bike.

Woom 4 - Bike Club

How to Wrap a Bicycle for Christmas 

There are so many ways to wrap a bike and we know that for parents it can be quite an art (or a challenge!). So, here are some of our favourite ideas for wrapping a bike and taking care of every detail of that Christmas magic that the little ones are so excited to give.

Wrap up the Bike Club Box

All our bikes are delivered in convenient boxes, so all you have to do is wrap the box up and you are ready to go! This way they will have no idea what to expect. If you are exchanging for a bike and have lost your old box, another option is to…

Make it Stand Out

Make the gift the centre of attention! Wrapping the bike in an eye-catching and obvious way can add to the excitement. Use colourful wrapping paper and make sure the wheels and shape of the bike are clearly visible. Add colourful balloons and ribbons to make the package even more eye-catching - make it the gift everyone wants to see open first! 

Make it Look Like Something Else  

Play on misdirection and make the wrapping part of the mystery. Surprise your little one by making them think their gift is something else. Use boxes of different sizes and shapes to confuse them. For example, put the bike in one box and then put the bike in a bigger box and so on, put as many boxes as you want/can find! This way, you will create intrigue and fun before they discover the exciting surprise. 

Don't Wrap it up, Hide it  

Hide it and create a treasure hunt for your little one to find it. If you prefer not to wrap the bike, turn the delivery into an exciting Christmas treasure hunt. Leave clues in different places around the house, each leading to the next, until they finally discover the bike. This option builds anticipation and fun, making gift-giving a memorable experience for your little explorer.

Bike Club Christmas Offer

This Christmas, treat your child to the perfect gift with Bike Club's incredible Xmas offer. Enjoy up to 50% off any bike for 12 months, ensuring your little adventurer has the best equipment to explore the world on two wheels.

With bikes from renowned brands like Woom, Frog, Forme, and Cube, you're sure to find the perfect ride for your child, regardless of their age or riding style. From balance bikes for toddlers to high-performance mountain bikes for experienced riders, we've got something for everyone.

This limited-time offer is the perfect opportunity to give your child a gift they'll cherish for years to come. Don't miss out on these incredible savings and make this Christmas one to remember for your little cyclist. See our Promotions Page for full T&Cs. 

father and child with kids bike

Frequently Asked Questions about Gifting a Bike Club Subscription

What is Bike Club's reBike program?

Bike Club's reBike program is a sustainable initiative that transforms well-loved children's bikes into pre-loved bicycles ready for new adventures. 

Expert mechanics clean and service each bike, ensuring it meets safety standards and retains its character. By embracing the circular economy, Bike Club's reBike program offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option for families seeking a quality bike for their growing child.

What are the benefits of subscribing to a Bike Club reBike?

Choosing a Bike Club reBike not only contributes to a more sustainable future but also offers several distinct advantages:

  • Sustainability: By repurposing pre-loved bikes, Bike Club significantly reduces the environmental impact of manufacturing new bicycles.
  • Cost-effectiveness: ReBikes are significantly more affordable than new bikes, making them an excellent value-for-money option.
  • Convenience: When your child outgrows their current bike, you exchange it for a larger one. 

What is Bike Club's Christmas offer?

This Christmas, Bike Club is offering an exclusive promotion that allows you to enjoy up to 50% off any bike for 12 months. This is a fantastic opportunity to buy your child a high-quality bike from a renowned brand at an unbeatable price. 

With bikes from the likes of Woom, Frog, Forme, and Cube, there's a perfect ride for every child. Don't miss out on this limited-time offer – grab the discount and give your child a big present this Christmas for a small subscription.

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