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Choosing a bike for your child is an exciting step, setting them on the path to a lifelong love of cycling. It can however feel overwhelming with so many options on the market.

To ensure a smooth ride, here are 6 key considerations to keep in mind before making your choice:

Choose the right size 

A bike that fits well is crucial for safety, comfort, and enjoyment. A bike that's too big can be intimidating and difficult to control, while a bike that's too small will hinder pedalling and lead to frustration.

Most kid's bikes are sized by wheel diameter (in inches) but some larger mountain bikes use frame size. When choosing a bike, we recommend using a child's inside leg measurement

With Bike Club’s subscription service, your child can always have a bike that fits like a glove. 

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Quality matters

While a flashy paint job might grab your child's attention, focus on quality components that ensure a smooth and safe ride.

Look for lightweight frames (aluminium is common for kids' bikes) and reliable brakes. Good quality bikes will also last longer, making them a worthwhile investment.

This is why we only use bikes from top brands at Bike Club. This way we can refurbish them when you exchange bikes so they can be added to our reBike fleet.  

Choose the right type of bike

Beyond size, there are different types of bikes suited for different riding styles. Balance bikes are great for young children to develop balance before progressing to pedals. 

Traditional pedal bikes cater to a variety of riding styles. For adrenaline seekers, mountain bikes, with their knobby tyres and suspension systems, conquer off-road adventures. Road bikes, on the other hand, prioritise speed and efficiency. 

BMX bikes, with their sturdy frames and small wheels, are perfect for park tricks and jumps. City bikes, meanwhile are ideal for navigating city streets and errands, often featuring baskets and fenders for convenience.

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Avoid stabilisers

You probably learned to ride with the help of stabilisers, and they still hold a dominant position in the world of kids bike, though a shift is taking place.

While stabilisers might seem like a helpful stepping stone, they can actually hinder a child's natural development of balance. 

Balance bikes, on the other hand, encourage children to learn balance through trial and error, making the transition to a pedal bike much smoother. At Bike Club we always recommend getting your little one started on a balance bike instead of using stabilisers. 

New bikes are expensive

Let's face it, brand-new bikes can come with a hefty price tag, especially when it comes to top-quality kids' bikes from trusted brands like Woom, Frog, and Cube.

These bikes can easily cost hundreds of pounds, which might not be realistic for some budgets. Combine this with the fact that your child can outgrow their bike every 18 months, and the costs really stack up.

But don't worry, there are ways to get your child on a fantastic bike without breaking the bank!

At Bike Club, we understand the importance of finding the right bike for your child, without compromising on quality. That's why we offer a simple subscription service that provides access to high-quality kids' bikes from those same top brands. 

This allows your child to enjoy a perfect-fitting bike tailored to their size and skill level, all for an affordable monthly fee.

Looking for an even more budget-friendly option? We also offer a fantastic selection of "reBikes." These are refurbished bikes from reputable brands that have been meticulously inspected, serviced, and brought back to top condition by our expert mechanics. Our reBikes offer all the performance and safety benefits of a top-quality bike at a slightly lower monthly cost.

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Visibility and Safety

Safety is paramount! Equip your child with a properly fitted helmet and ensure the bike has good brakes and reflectors. Bright-coloured clothing and daytime riding lights are also recommended to enhance visibility.

Also, be sure to lead by example by wearing a helmet yourself!

Choose a kids bike with Bike Club

Now that you're armed with the knowledge to choose the perfect bike for your child, it's time to explore the exciting options available at Bike Club! We offer a variety of solutions to fit your needs and budget:

Access the latest models from top brands like Woom, Frog, Cube, Wethepeople, and Forme. Enjoy a perfectly sized bike that grows with your child through our simple subscription plan.

Looking for a budget-friendly option? Our selection of "reBikes" features refurbished bikes from reputable brands, meticulously inspected and serviced by our expert mechanics. They offer all the performance and safety of a new bike at a lower monthly cost.

Some of the benefits of Bike Club at a glance: 

  • Top-Quality Bikes: We only offer bikes from trusted brands, ensuring safety, durability, and a lightweight design that makes learning to ride a breeze.
  • Perfect Fit, Every Time: No more outgrown bikes!  With our subscription service, simply exchange your child's bike for the next size up as they grow.
  • Convenience and Flexibility: Enjoy the ease of a subscription service, with hassle-free delivery, maintenance, and upgrades.
  • Sustainable Choice:  Our reBike program extends the life of high-quality bikes, reducing waste and promoting a sustainable cycling lifestyle.
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