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We’ve teamed up with Pedal Project, to bring you their top tips for getting your child cycling.

Since starting the business in 2015 cousins, Ed and Chris, have successfully taught thousands of children to ride a bike safely, and they share many of the same values as we do at the Bike Club:

✅ It's key that children learn on high-quality bikes that fit them properly

✅ The best way to build a young child's cycling confidence is by using a balance bike, rather than stabilisers

✅ All children should be able to experience the confidence and freedom that cycling can bring


Balance bikes can be an amazing way to start children off when they are 2 - 3 years old.

For pedal bikes, we generally find that once a child is around 4 years old they are more likely to understand why learning to cycle is a good idea! It is important that the child is motivated to learn.

Children are like sponges, and we find that they often learn best when they can see other kids ridingwhich is why our small size classes work so well. In a small group the children can see the others going for it, and they can feed off each other's enthusiasm. Often with younger kids explaining concepts can go in one ear and out the other, but in a group, they can see what the others are doing, and they will make the connection. 

child riding a bike
  • Talk to them about it! Whilst out for walks, point out other children who are cycling and help them to understand that this is a really fun thing to do. 
  • Balance bikes are a great way to start children off when they are 2-3 years old.
  • Training handles are generally a bad idea, and we recommend balance bikes, rather than stabilisers. In order to be able to cycle on their own, children need to learn to balance for themselves.
  • Get a bike that fits! Having a bike that your child will ‘grow into’ is only going to make it harder for them and ultimately frustrate them. That’s why the lightweight quality bikes from the Bike Club are so great – you can get your child a bike that they will be comfortable and confident on, then exchange when it’s time for them to move up.
  • Make sure they can easily reach the ground with both feet. Once they’re riding confidently you can raise the saddle so they’re just on tiptoes, but when starting out being able to start and stop safely will build their confidence.
kids learning to ride


Pedal Project currently operates in 7 venues across Greater London with two more venues in South East England in the pipeline for 2022. The current venues are:

Mill Hill


Classes are open to children aged 4-12+ and Pedal Project guarantee success. That means if your child is not pedaling after the first course, they will get further courses at no extra cost.

Courses consist of 3 lessons each lasting 1 hour, with bikes and helmets provided for the course.

Children are taught in groups of 8 using a variety of games to help them learn balance and control.



Pedal Project provides a controlled and calm learning environment with expert tuition and the best equipment. We focus on the individual needs and learning styles of the child, in order to achieve the goal.

Website: www.pedalproject.co.uk

Socials: facebook.com/pedalproj