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It’s time. After weeks, months or even years of action-packed cycling, your little one is ready for the next size up. 👶 🔜 🧒 You measure the tyke, place your exchange and go to prepare your current bike for return.

That’s when you see it. Maybe your eyes catch some small scratches here and there on the frame. Maybe you spot some bigger ones. Maybe even rust or dents. Whatever it is, the bike sure doesn’t look quite the way it did when it first arrived. 🚲  

You stop and think: will I be charged for damage?

Here at the Bike Club, our aim is to be as eco-friendly as we can and members like you make this possible - there are millions of unused bikes in the UK, and instead of them going to waste or sitting in landfills, we want to give them a new lease on life - so, we always encourage you to return your bike. ♻️

Our mechanics check over it and give it a full service. They ensure it’s clean and safe. This means your pre-loved bike can be loved and used again - these are our reBikes. 👩‍🔧👨‍🔧

But what if the bike is damaged?

Whether you’re exchanging or just returning, we completely understand that kids go on adventures. We accept general wear and tear or a few small scratches. However, if the bike is returned with damage that couldn’t possibly have been caused by normal use, in these extraordinary cases, we may need to charge a fee. This fee will include the price of any parts, plus labour.

It’s worth noting that this is very rare. However, it can happen…

The most we’ve ever charged a member

The shock. The horror. Our unsuspecting mechanics opened one of our collection boxes to see a once lovely Frog 78 in awful condition.

Not only this, but the grips, brake pads and all the cables needed replacing too.

It took three hours of dedication and hard work to restore this bike to its former glory.

Mechanic Report

Mechanic 3h: £60
2x Tyres: £22
Chain: £8
2x Brake Levers: £12
Pedals: £8
Not prepared for collection: £10

Bike came back in very bad condition, mechanic had to strip down and rebuild. Also needed new grips, brake pads, and full cables (not included in cost). Seems to have been sabotaged as had the brake lever snapped off.

The member was charged a hefty £120 for the cost of labour and the parts required. Luckily, this is the exception.

BC Plus

We don’t ever like charging our members for additional damage. That’s why we offer BC Plus so you can have total peace of mind. Our BC Plus insurance is £2 a month per bike and covers accidental damages while you have the bike, total loss and any reasonable repairs (this includes rust, part replacement and frame damage). 🛡