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How do I Exchange a Bike?

How do I exchange my Bike Club bike?

To exchange your subscription bike, login to your Bike Club account and select the exchange option found on the main menu.

You can select the bike you want to switch to, choose a day for the exchange, and arrange for your current bike to be collected. 

When can I exchange?

You can exchange any time throughout your membership. Exchanges are free of charge and all you’ll need to pay is the delivery fee of the new bike. Delivery on any weekday is £9.99, whilst a Saturday delivery costs £14.99. We do not offer delivery on Sundays.

Can I switch down a size?

Yes! Our website will allow you to switch between any of the bikes we offer. There is no obligation to simply switch up a size: for example, you can swap to a smaller bike if your current one is too big, or decide to send back your hybrid bike to take up a mountain bike.

How do I prepare my bike for collection?

Our couriers will unpack your new bike and re-pack your old bike into the same box. We ask that you prepare the current bike for collection by:

  • Making sure it is generally clean and dry

  • Removing the pedals

  • Loosening the handlebars so they are turned in-line with the frame

  • Please note: Our couriers may refuse to collect your bike if it is not ready for them

What will happen to my monthly payments?

Your subscription for the bike you’re exchanging will be paused, provided the payment isn’t due within the next 48 hours. If the old bike isn’t returned within one month of the exchange, your subscription will be reactivated.

As soon as we receive your old bike back, the direct debit subscription for that bike will be cancelled. A new subscription will be scheduled to start one month after your exchange date for the new bike you received.

What happens to my old bike after I return it?

The bike you send back will be thoroughly serviced and refurbished, before being sent to another loving family.

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