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How to fit mudguards - Frog 52-78

How to Fit Your Mudguards: Frog 52-78

What's in the box?

Mudguards can be fiddly but fear not, these instructions will guide you through the process and we are always on hand to help. Before we start we need to collect the pieces pictured below:


Fitting the front mudguard

 Step 1: Undoing the brakes

The trick to undoing brakes is to squeeze the callipers together (pictured above using left hand), and then pull the noodle (pictured above using right hand). This can sometimes require a bit of gentle force. If the brake pads are very close to the rim, the wheel will sometimes need removing in order to undo the callipers. 

Step 2: Mounting the strut to the mudguard

The under plate (Fig.4) should be held in place before you try and screw in the curved strut plate. 

Step 3: Mounting the front mudguard

With the struts attached to the mudguard it can be fiddly to get the mudguard into place, we find pinching the struts and inserting above the wheel like in the picture below works best.

The largest bolt (M6 x 50mm on page one) is used to attach the front mudguard. Before screwing in the bolt, first place the M6 washer on the bolt, this is the largest washer in the kit. 

Using one of the two M6 lock nuts, secure the bolt as in Fig.6. Use a 5mm Allen key to tighten on the bolt in Fig.5 and a 10mm spanner on the lock nut in Fig.6. Please see Fig.7 for reference:

Step 4: Fixing the struts 

First, assemble the pieces for the strut clamp as in Fig.8. They should be assembled in the following order: M5 x 15mm clamp bolt, M5 external tooth washer, strut clamp, and then a M5 plain washer. 


To finish, attach the strut clamp to the fork and insert the strut into the slot provided, tighten with a 4mm Allen key.

Fitting the rear mudguard

Step 1: Repeat the first two steps from fitting the front mudguard, undoing the brake and mounting the struts.

Step 2: Fix the rear mudguard to the seat stay


First insert the mudguard into position like in Fig.11. 

The next step will be to attach the seat stay bridge bracket. This will often require bending into position as demonstrated by the before and after images below. 

With the clamp in position as in Fig.12, it is then ready to be secured into place using a 4mm Allen key and the M5 x 10mm seat stay bolt. See Fig.13 for the correct orientation. 


Step 3: Clamp the mudguard to the chain stay cross-member 

First, place the M6 x 15mm chain stay bolt into position, Fig.14 illustrates how the M6 nut will then need to be screwed on from underneath the bike. A 5mm Allen key is required for the bolt as pictured, the nut is most easily held using a 10mm socket however a 10mm spanner is also suitable. 

Step 4: Attach the struts

Like the front mudguard, the strut clamps require assembling and attaching to the bike at the locations pictured below. Tighten the struts into position with a 5mm Allen key.

This completes your mudguard setup!