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What is Bike Club Plus?

For extra peace of mind with your child's bike or scooter subscription, we recommend Bike Club Plus. At just £1 extra per month, you will be covered for any repairs, accidental damage and excess cover in the event of total loss. With Bike Club Plus, we give members a higher level of membership, removing all the hassles of cycling and giving you extra benefits.

The additional £1 for Bike Club Plus cover will be added to your subscription after checkout, beginning at the same time as your bike subscription begins.

What's included?

As a Bike Club Plus member, you can rest easy on:

Accidental damages: As a Bike Club member, when you return the bike to us, we sometimes have to charge a small fee to cover repairs that fall outside of normal wear and tear. This includes rust, part replacement and frame damage. As a Bike Club Plus member, all of these repairs will be covered by Bike Club. Read our guide on what to do if your bike gets damaged or broken.

Whilst you have the bike: We will cover any reasonable repairs you need to make with your local dealer. You need to agree the work in advance with our team, with relevant photos, and once the repairs have taken place, we will reimburse you the cost of the labour and parts for the repair*

Total loss*: We will cover any minor repairs whilst you have the bike and if you suffer a total loss you will just pay the lesser of the excess listed below or RRP minus the payments you have made:

Balance bike: £50

First pedal bike: £75

Hybrid bike: £120

Road bike: £175

Mountain bike: £200

Adult bike: £175

BMX: £150

Scooter: £35

    Please note, if total loss is as a result of a theft or other criminal activity you will need to provide a Crime Reference Number to benefit from Bike Club Plus. Read our guide what to do if your bike stolen.

    In the event the total loss has been caused by an accident, we can ask you to return the bike to us.

    When the total loss fee is paid and accepted by Bike Club, this will terminate any further obligations under the existing agreement – i.e. you will no longer be expected to pay your monthly fee.

    We don't ever like charging members for additional damage and we really want to help when the bike needs repair. With Bike Club Plus we can now take away a lot of the uncertainty whilst you have the bike.

    You may choose to opt out of Bike Club Plus for £1 at checkout, however you will not be covered for these benefits, and may incur further costs for repairs, accidental damage or total loss.

    If you have any questions about the upgrade, please just get in touch :)

    * Total loss means any loss or damage that is not repairable or that would cost more to repair than the market value of the bike.

    * Please note, we do not cover general services to bikes.