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What types of bikes do you sell?

Balance Bikes

Balance Bikes are perfect for adventurous little ones who are not quite ready to start pedalling. A balance bike is a perfect way to introduce cycling and to help them develop crucial balancing skills that they will need when they advance to their first pedal bike. 

First Pedal Bikes

First pedal bikes are brilliant for those who have mastered balancing on their balance bike, or are ready to go straight into pedalling. Specifically designed with first time riders in mind, their super lightweight frames and effortless braking system makes them perfect for learning and having fun.

Hybrid Bikes

Your child has perfected their bike riding skills, and now has the need for speed? The hybrid bike is a combination of a super-light frame but also an excellent range of gears, enabling them to go for longer distances and higher speeds.

Road Bikes

Road bikes are specialised bikes for those confident cyclists that enjoy a speedy bike ride on the road. Specifically designed with racing in mind. This is a perfect bike for any keen bike racers or even those who enjoy a leisurely cycle on the weekend.

Mountain Bikes

Are you keen for the peaks? Well, the sky’s the limit with our excellent range of mountain bikes. Specially designed to conquer rough terrain, you will find that all our mountain bikes come equipped with large tyres that have deep grooves which allow for excellent grip, as well as brilliant suspension to make the journey more comfortable. With the excellent range of gears on these bikes you will make steep inclines look easy.

BMX Bikes

Thinking of hitting the ramps? Then our BMX range is where you should start. All our BMXs have been selected with stunts in mind. Lightweight yet durable design makes performing tricks effortless. Their frames are much smaller than regular bikes to make riding the ramps as comfortable as possible, they are designed to have no gears so you can control the speed allowing you to be more precise when practicing those stunts.

Adult Bikes

All grown up but still a kid at heart? We have the perfect range for you! From commuter bikes to mountain bikes there is something for everybody. The bikes come in different shapes and sizes so everyone can find something they're comfortable and confident using. Although the frame is larger the bikes are still very lightweight and have a good range of gears.